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Discover 47 Upvotes of all answers in this question My girlfriend broke up with me because she wants to have kids by somebody black, please what do i do? My girlfriend of 2 years just broke things off with me because she said that she's come to realize she wants kids by a black man so there's no sx5t yahoo dating in continuing dating. She said she wants her children to be athletic and be free kitchener dating likely to have athletic genes and get scholarships to play a sport. Not only Not only that but she said she's more attracted to their features like lips, abs, sx5t yahoo dating tone etc. I don't know what to do I'm so devastated sx5t yahoo dating first reaction was are you kidding? I didn't believe her at first and Sx5t yahoo dating asked why has she been with me all this time and she said she wasn't attracted to me at first but my personality won her over through time and she got attached to me but she said she can't commit anymore because she's been tempted by other men and her eyes have been wandering so she doesn't want to enter a potential marriage like that.

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