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Tantric Sex Dating Website

tantric sex dating website

In this, her newest book, she tantric sex dating website rantric critical of the current dating tantric sex dating website as driven by materialistic advertising and programmed ways of thinking: The very fact that you have taken responsibility for your own love and pleasure rather than blaming someone or something outside yourself changes the whole experience. Then you can breathe more fully into the present moment, face your fears, communicate, and expand letting dating happen naturally yours areas of yet-unknown bliss. It is, however, definitely datkng for those with some degree of personal tnatric, some opening up to the awareness that all is not what it appears to be. She writes in a way that is easy to read — deceptively so, since each short chapter provides the basis for serious self-reflection, contemplation and — for the genuine seeker — homework. She reveals, for example, how to mistrust information received through the eyes:

What is tantric sex

But as you'll find out below, the two, very worthy subjects are only distantly related! Modern sexual marketing has ensured that the first things most people envision when they hear "Kama Sutra" are images of statues with entwined limbs and bodies in exotic sexual positions. These images are the frequently re-printed photographs of explicitly sensual statues in the Dakini temples of Southern India.

These are tantric temples - but the only relationship between the pictures and the Kama Sutra is the 30 or so love positions mentioned in that Text Many illustrated books and websites about the Kama Sutra contain only these few chapters - the ones on sexual positions, methods of embrace, kissing, scratching, biting, touching But only getting these excerpts is to limit yourself as a sensualist.

The Kama Sutra is much more. But it's not, strictly speaking, tantric Any good lover can tell you that arousal and captivation are more than just sexual techniques, that knowing 30 sexual positions isn't enough to keep a lover thinking about your naked body, even years later Understanding the mind and senses of your lover fosters an eroticism far more ecstatic and profound than just learning techniques Tantra takes that one step further and couples spiritual ecstasy with this sensual and sexual bliss.

This step is what's missing from the Kama Sutra The Kama Sutra was written by Mallanaga of the clan or sept called Vatsyayana. Mallanaga was a holy man, a seer, and a sage, and in all of the spiritual senses of the word, a tantric. He worshipped the Divine as both feminine and masculine, and lived primarily a religious life.

He wrote the Kama Sutra for the ruling class, which at that time in India's history was the Kshatriya, or Warrior caste. Based on mentions of 1st Century historical figures in the Kama Sutra, and on mentions of the Kama Sutra in early 5th Century works, we know that Mallanaga Vatsyayana wrote the Sutra sometime between the 1st and 4th Centuries A. In writing his treatise, Mallanaga Vatsyayana wrote: There are no tantric sexual or spiritual practices puja in the Kama Sutra.

There are, however, a few examples of simple magical tantra - the making of charms, potions, and amulets - in the final chapters titled "On Attracting Others". In fact, most of the spiritual and sexual Tantras tantric teachings were only oral tradition in Vatsyayana's time. It wasn't until several centuries later that the Tantras were turned into scripture The tantras were written down beginning in the 5th century, and continuing through the 19th century Proper usage and definitions.

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