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This is achieved by sending SSDP alive messages. When a control point is added to the network, SSDP allows that control point to actively search for devices of interest on the network or listen passively to the SSDP alive messages of device. The fundamental exchange is a discovery message containing a few essential specifics about the device or one of its services, for example, its type, identifier, and a pointer network location to more detailed information.

Description[ edit ] After a control point has discovered a device, the control point still knows very little about the device. For the control point to learn more about the device and its capabilities, or to interact with the device, the control point must retrieve the device's description from the location URL provided by the device in the discovery message.

The UPnP Device Description is expressed in XML and includes vendor-specific manufacturer information like the model name and number, serial number , manufacturer name, presentation URLs to vendor-specific web sites, etc.

The description also includes a list of any embedded services. For each service, the Device Description document lists the URLs for control, eventing and service description. Each service description includes a list of the commands , or actions, to which the service responds, and parameters, or arguments, for each action; the description for a service also includes a list of variables ; these variables model the state of the service at run time , and are described in terms of their data type, range, and event characteristics.

Control[ edit ] Having retrieved a description of the device, the control point can send actions to a device's service. To do this, a control point sends a suitable control message to the control URL for the service provided in the device description. Much like function calls , the service returns any action-specific values in response to the control message.

The effects of the action, if any, are modeled by changes in the variables that describe the run-time state of the service. Event notification[ edit ] Another capability of UPnP networking is event notification , or eventing.

A UPnP description for a service includes a list of actions the service responds to and a list of variables that model the state of the service at run time. The service publishes updates when these variables change, and a control point may subscribe to receive this information. The service publishes updates by sending event messages. Event messages contain the names of one or more state variables and the current value of those variables.

These messages are also expressed in XML. A special initial event message is sent when a control point first subscribes; this event message contains the names and values for all evented variables and allows the subscriber to initialize its model of the state of the service. To support scenarios with multiple control points, eventing is designed to keep all control points equally informed about the effects of any action. Therefore, all subscribers are sent all event messages, subscribers receive event messages for all "evented" variables that have changed, and event messages are sent no matter why the state variable changed either in response to a requested action or because the state the service is modeling changed.

Presentation[ edit ] The final step in UPnP networking is presentation. The degree to which each of these can be accomplished depends on the specific capabilities of the presentation page and device. These enhancements are created by adding capabilities to the MediaServer and MediaRenderer device classes, allowing a higher level of interoperability between products made by different manufacturers. Some of the early devices complying with these standards were marketed by Philips under the Streamium brand name.

Since , versions 3 and 4 of the UPnP audio and video device control protocols have been published. It is a computer system or a similar digital appliance that stores digital media, such as photographs, movies, or music and shares these with other devices. UPnP AV media servers provide a service to UPnP AV client devices, so-called control points, for browsing the media content of the server and request the media server to deliver a file to the control point for playback.

UPnP media servers are available for most operating systems and many hardware platforms. UPnP AV media servers can either be categorized as software -based or hardware-based. This standard allows a UPnP-capable home network device to provide its interface display and control options as a web page to display on any other device connected to the home network. I wanted to tell a story as I saw it from my point of view being a teenager then and be as truthful and unexaggerated as possible, wed hook up every six weeks.

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