Trinny And Susannah What Not To Wear The Rules For Dating -

Trinny And Susannah What Not To Wear The Rules For Dating

trinny and susannah what not to wear the rules for dating

Share via Email Even Trinny and Susannah's biggest fans would find the opening scenes of their new show distressing. Billed as a fly-on-the-wall documentary, it reveals the pair have morphed into Edina and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous — an appalling parody of washed-up narcissistic trinny and susannah what not to wear the rules for dating, so embarrassing you want to look away. Now they're looking for that comeback single, in a way. And then you realise the entire show is a joke. There's even a touch of Borat in the scenes involving members stuttgart partnersuche the public who are unaware that everyone else is acting — and in others, Trinny and Susannah themselves weren't told who was acting and who was real. The cast consists of professional actors and standup comics, the dialogue is part-scripted, part-ad-libbed, and the overall effect is weirdly postmodern and surprisingly successful. The biggest surprise of all is Trinny and Susannah's acting ability, which is astonishingly convincing, even though, as they cheerfully point out, they're only playing hyperbolised versions of themselves.

Trinny and Susannah's Style Advice From What Not to Wear | Who What Wear

I would never go out in tracky bottoms and a baggy T-shirt. I enjoy waking up in the morning and thinking, 'Who do I want to be today? I quite like nice clothes, I say, but can't see that they really matter all that much. Why do they care so passionately? We would never presume to go up to someone and say, 'You're doing it wrong.

It's only for women who say, 'Please, will you help me? In What Not To Wear the subjects were nominated unknowingly by their friends or family, and in a show they've just made in Belgium, half the subjects for a makeover were approached by the pair in the street, which technically counts as an invitation, but is also plainly an implicit criticism. You know, What Not To Wear was a really bloody good format. But the more specific question for this pair is whether or not a well-fitting skirt can really turn a woman's life around.

It really can," says Susannah. Most of their subjects are struggling with self-esteem. But isn't any confidence derived from a well-fitting skirt fundamentally rather hollow and fleeting? And to us it's not. An indication of success is if someone changes their mindset inside — that is our benchmark of success. Not if they keep that same fucking skirt from Jigsaw. They both glance at me rather doubtfully, almost incredulous.

I know many women who are in a job they hate, and sometimes you have opportunities in your life to change the direction of your life, and how do you get the courage to make those decisions? And weirdly, sometimes it comes from something as fucking stupid as seeing Susannah and I on the telly, and feeling inspired to dress differently, and doing something you wouldn't have expected to do, and seeing the outcome. And no, it isn't that important. If you're having a nervous breakdown or going through a hideous divorce, a nice dress is not going to save your marriage or get you out of having a nervous breakdown.

Maybe some great medication will. But because of the whole celebrity culture, the media perpetuating the need for women to be perfect and size zero, a lot of women feel very insecure, so in a way we're reacting against that, in the sense of saying, you know what?

We never, ever talk about weight or beauty or looks. We would never work with a size 16 woman and say, 'Look, when you lose two stone then we'll dress you. Because she is the size she is. We say, 'What can we do for her today that's going to make her feel better? So we've got to come in and somehow say, ignore that. You know, this is you, so how can we put you in a skirt that makes you feel better?

Or look, you have a great waist, let's show it off. Don't tent yourself because you hate your body. It's all about getting women to accept who you are today, and find some clothing you'll love. The makeover genre has evolved so far since Trinny and Susannah first appeared on our screens that it's easy to conflate their work with the more extreme end of the market — programmes that literally cut apart a woman's body and remake her to the point when, at the grand reveal moment, "her own son," as Trinny puts it, "doesn't recognise her".

I wonder if they ever worry about their part in pioneering a genre that has ended up normalising a presumption of surgical perfectability, but it's hard to tell, because as soon as I mention a single other programme they become maddeningly diplomatic.

Trinny herself happily admits to using Botox since she was 35 — and her pout appears plumped to the point of comical — whereas "Suze has always said she'll do nothing and then maybe cut into everything. But she'll probably do fuck all in the end," Trinny laughs, "because she's too lazy. At 48 and 46 respectively, they have prodigious energy; Susannah is writing a novel, they sell a range of slimming underwear, their fashion books are bestsellers, they continue to make makeover shows all over the world, and as for What Trinny and Susannah Did Next, it's pretty clear they expect it to transfer to television — they're already making series two — and I'd be surprised if it isn't a hit.

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