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Tumblr Dating Fails

tumblr dating fails

It was a couple of weeks before Christmas and I was going on my tumblr dating fails date since the end of my last relationship, two years ago. To say Dating sites with video profiles was extremely nervous was a severe understatement. He was funny, very intelligent, open-minded tumblr dating fails ambitious and more importantly, tumblr dating fails and preferred the fact that I am plus-size. Date night with Robert finally came around and I was practically bursting into flames with excitement. I arrived at the venue early and tweeted a cute picture of myself, telling my followers that I was out on a first date. Robert arrived and the date began. We had a great time during the three or so hours we spent together — we laughed, we exchanged hilarious date-fail tumblg, we spoke about our families, likes and dislikes…just normal date stuff, you know?

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Your buddies splitting the cost of living in such a busy city. Other dating methods are not available, it appears that if you are in the vicinity. You know, just normal dating worries. But what you should be really enthused about is how many dating horror stories you currently have the good fortune and privilege to steer clear of.

I'm talking cringe-worthy things like receiving unsolicited dick pics. Or being stuck on a date for a couple hours with someone who makes your skin crawl. Or, sad to say, being concerned for your own personal safety. If you're single, there's some good news, too. These things didn't happen to you, I think. And if anything similar did, well look on the bright side — at least there's something to laugh about and send to your friends.

Here are 10 dating fails that will make you facepalm, cringe and cry all day long. Because there is no longer an art to the online greeting.

Because you really don't enjoy looking at selfies taken next to the crapper. Because messages like this make you highly suspicious of folks on dating sites.

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