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Series status: Performers include: TV show description: With an iron will that belies her tender age, Catherine Princess of Spain has been betrothed to Arthur Imrie Prince of Wales, since they were but small children. When Catherine first arrives in England, she tv show princes dating her resolve in the face of the treacherous Tudor matriarchs, grandmother Margaret Beaufort Walter and mother Elizabeth of York Moen. Catherine even manages to instill a measure of confidence in shy Arthur.

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My Little Princess The last couple of years have thrown up some genuinely appalling dating shows. There was Dating in the Dark, where adults took turns to lunge at each other's genitals in an abandoned Barratt showhome at midnight. There was The Love Machine, which was basically Chris Moyles shouting at a gigantic toilet seat for an hour. There was Sing Date, broadcast round the clock so you could discover, enjoy and then hate it within the space of a single afternoon. Make no mistake, these are bad television programmes.

E4's My Little Princess , though, is not. It isn't just the best dating show I've seen in years, it might be the best dating show I've ever seen. It transcends the genre. It's unlike anything else on television. And that means it's going to take some explaining. Like most other dating shows, My Little Princess parades a handful of eligible men before a single woman. Unlike most other dating shows, it's all set within a fairytale castle, with the losers hurled off a bridge into a moat by a giant in some armour.

The woman, dressed as a princess, is aided in her decision by her father — who as the king in this scenario wears a wonky tin crown and sits on a throne. More on that later. None of the contestants see what the princess looks like until about three seconds before the show ends — and the first time we meet them, they're doing an assault course in slow motion to the sound of a s power ballad.

It's astonishing. On The Dating Game, a bachelorette questioned three bachelors who were hidden from view, and based on their answers, selected one to go on a date. This approach to matchmaking — the idea that you can determine romantic compatibility by asking a series of questions to get to know someone — tapped into something that is still relevant today.

We are Always Connected Times have changed since the 60s. Our approach to relationships has changed drastically since even the 90s. The unique thing about being alive today is that we are always connected. There is absolutely no reason to limit your friendship circle to your neighbourhood or your office anymore — in an instant; you can be video chatting with a friend on the other side of the city, or the other end of the world. We all want to find someone. But not just anyone; we want someone who is right for us.

Thirty years ago, we were limited to looking for love within our social circles. People at work, in our neighbourhoods, friends of friends. A lot of times, these ventures were disappointing.

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