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Who Is Aaron Eckhart Dating 2014

who is aaron eckhart dating 2014

However, like his onscreen persona, Aaron's love life has not been successful despite his multiple relationships. Aaron usually keeps his personal life behind the camera and professor dating a student of sight of the media. Unfortunately, there are no details on the identity of the woman, and one can only speculate if she the person who is aaron eckhart dating 2014 will sweep the actor off his feet. Back in Marchhe was in a relationship with American model and actress, Molly Sims. But, the romance ended after the year-old model went public with their relationship.

Who is Aaron Eckhart dating? Aaron Eckhart girlfriend, wife

You guys! What are we trying to accomplish here? Then he goes on. Warner Bros. Rooney, who in real life had just been fired by Mike Tyson, went into decline as did Tyson, who lost his first professional fight 18 months later. Pazienza hired him to orchestrate his comeback — but the idea had been cooked up by promoters who thought this was a simple way of putting both men out to pasture.

In Bleed for This, Rooney trains and nurses Pazienza, not as the tough guy of sporting lore, but as a canny outsider who favours honesty and kindness to oneself. Eckhart makes him seem almost maternal. Rooney is one of two roles that will put Eckhart back in cinemas next month — the other is as co-pilot to Tom Hanks in Sully, a film about Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who safely landed a defective plane on the Hudson river.

Both are not only supporting roles, but supportive ones. He is strikingly good in both. I think actors need to revisit that lesson. I'm very intense. I'm a perfectionist. I'm not the belle of the ball. I'm very professional. Aaron Eckhart Credit: Because, you know, I have other issues — besides loner-ism — that make me difficult.

Eventually, Eckhart lets out a deep sigh and says, as if admitting defeat: I have a terrible reputation. He looked around him — at Steven Spielberg and Johnny Depp and all these Hollywood people he knew — and he said: Rewriting a reputation Getty Images Eckhart openly says he's earned a reputation for being difficult to work with. The actor admitted to The Guardian that he once took out his professional frustrations on an extra, saying, "There was the quintessential lashing out.

I was doing a monologue I was unsure about, and I've got an extra who was paid to be there … he was falling asleep, and I said something. Because you think about the labor of so many people, and it's like: I'm just too intense for people," he told The Telegraph , saying he's "competitive" with other actors and "[picks] them apart. In a chat with Vanity Fair , he pointed to his non-mainstream status as the reason he's lost some roles that he wanted. As he explained it, "I could have a much better career than I do right now if I were more of a people person.

Those things just don't come naturally to me. So I have to challenge myself more in those ways — I'm not happy with my career. I feel like I have much more to give, and I feel like I need to have more courage, and to get out there and take more chances.

In fact, he's been so convincing in his debonair bad-guy roles that it's been hard to break away from that image. Still do. Even his well-received performance as Harvey Dent was marked with an arc toward villainy. In other words, Eckhart may look like he's made to be the hero, but he seems to get a much better critical response to roles with a devious bent. Those parts don't come around every day, and he's also actively trying to avoid typecasting himself.

I'm looking on Twitter. I would have never done that before. The concept might seem well-worn on its face, but there's a catch that might help distinguish this film from others:

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