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Who Is Gretchen From Real Housewives Dating

who is gretchen from real housewives dating

Bryant left after the first season. Tammy Knickerbocker joined the cast for the second season which premiered on January 16, Bryant appeared as a guest. After the second season, De La Rosa exited the series as a dting cast member. The third season premiered on November 6,which featured Tamra Judge then Barney as speed dating boston 20s hair latest housewife. While Quinn Fry joined the cast in the sixth episode.

Who is Gretchen Rossi of Real Housewives of Orange County?

Knickerbocker and Fry left the main cast after the third season. Season 4—8 Gretchen Rossi was introduced in the fourth season premiere on November 25, Peterson made her final appearance as a main cast member in the third episode.

While Lynne Curtin joined the cast in the fourth episode. While Knickerbocker returned as a guest. Keough's final season as a full-time cast member, season five premiered on November 5, After Keough left the show as a full-time cast member, Alexis Bellino was added to the main cast. Curtin left after the fifth season. This, however, was not to be. Not due to a breakup or any huge relationship issue, but instead due to logistics.

It appears that the planning had failed to be in enough advance for friends and family to work schedules around the wedding and yet to have occurred to this day. While still trying to get pregnant, it has been revealed that the vasectomy process may not have been successful for Slade, and IVF has likewise failed. A recent photo of Gretchen Rossi in Another struggle for Rossi is her ex-acquaintance Jay Photoglou and a lawsuit between the two.

Rossi has claimed and won in previous cases that Photoglou had stalked and threatened her, as well as cost her a great deal of work as a result of threats and the leaking of nude photos.

As one can surmise, Rossi quickly took legal action yet again to get her money. This has been for multiple reasons, including a claim that Rossi has failed on multiple times to heed instructions, large personal issues between the attorney and client, and no prepayment of legal fees which would otherwise bind Altman.

Suspiciously, not long after this motion was filed, it was dropped and reconciliation may have occurred. Jeana Keough, Gretchen and Lynne Curtin. Later in the evening, very briefly, Lauri Waring showed up to sit next to Vicki and talk about her son, Josh, who should be getting out of jail soon. Andy asked what made her think that.

There was stuff going on behind the scenes, Tamra said, to make her think that. For example, about 1 a. It's Gretchen's boyfriend, the guy told her.

He wanted Tamra to have Gretchen come get him or he would basically out their relationship. Jay told Tamra and her husband Simon that he had been dating Gretchen for a long time and that Jeff was paying Gretchen to take care of him. Tamra later got a call from Gretchen where Gretchen said Jay was an old boyfriend, now a stalker. How did Gretchen end up out with this guy? She was at a party with mutual friends, she explains. She offered to drive him home.

He tried to make a move on her, she refused and told him to get out of the car. But this guy kept calling, Tamra said. Gretchen said she's not dating Jay now.

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