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Why Is College So Expensive Yahoo Dating

why is college so expensive yahoo dating

If you compare text books over the years and read through a whole text book straight you will find that information why is college so expensive yahoo dating repeated in the book. Not once, or twice, but over and over again to make the crystal castles courtship dating 70s thicker and mroe expensive. At the same time why is college so expensive yahoo dating is well known that a lot of the top colleges and universities harvard and yale for example just graduate people because they pay. If they have a low percentage of students graduating then they will have a lot lower percentage of people applying. On the other hand its very easy to skew their numbers to make it look like the people were employed after graduating, they call it placement but they have a very wide range of what 'placement' is including working low paying jobs and not even working at all, but going on with school.

How much does the average date cost? A lot, especially in NY state. - cybertime.ru

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The case was finally settled for undisclosed monetary terms and other commitments. Richard June 23, at 3: A couple questions come to mind: At what point in life does little Shelly think that she and the rest of her self-entitled generation ought to grow up? I joined the Navy and went to college while serving in the Navy.

Their mother earned a full scholarship and worked to pay her way through college. Rather than whine and bitch like so many kids on this thread have done, they took that challenge and earned athletic, academic and ROTC scholarships and for the most part paid their own way. They also worked while in school.

While we helped out with spending money, car insurance, health insurance, and other expenses, they EARNED their degrees and they both really well in school academically and athletically and are now serving their country.

One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the gift of letting them EARN something. The journey to achieve and earn something like a college degree is a life changing experience that teaches initiative, builds character, and developed confidence that enables that person to lead of life of meaning and significance as a responsible and accountable adult capable of contributing to society. Reply Caroline January 11, at 9: If society is to improve, people have to educated.

A college education in the United States has become a watered down embarrassing excuse. So if you believe you should be a better contributor to society, if you want a quality education… you should leave the States. Reply Katherine May 8, at 7: They still have to pay for a place to live, food, books, lab fees, deposits, etc.

Reply Aiah January 1, at 5: I used to think children OWED our parents everything—they gave us life and provided for us while we grew up. But I can no longer support this view since no child asks to be born AND life is very competitive and even very painful for many. This strikes me as very irresponsible. But if parents have a financial obligation for something, that something ought to be in the reach of nearly every parent.

Educational costs are no longer within the reach of most hard-working families. It ought to be something you can get working part-time for a few years AND it ought to be very pertinent to the job market—with validated statistics per institution number of students graduating within X-years, percent employed within Y-months after graduation…. But US education is a big business. Education has become unaffordable, and government intervention—subsidies…—has only driven up the cost of education because schools feel justified in raising tuition and fees to suck up more government provided tax-payer dollars subsidies….

So more and more people will have to pursue more expensive education. Studies and government reports already show that masters degrees are becoming nearly as common as bachelors degrees. The technology is robust enough now and there are already many terrific working examples. After all, many most? Reply Cas August 10, at You people seem to think that its as easy as it was years ago!

When you baby boomers were teens, college was no where near as expensive!! Back in the day, you could get a job without a degree and still have a decent income, but nowadays a college degree is needed for the most part, to get a decent salary.

Even then so, kids still come out of college finding crappy jobs and the job market gets harder and harder to enter each year. Add car payments, rent and taxes on top of the debt and its a nightmare! Things are certainly not handed to current University students. How the fuck are we spoiled when we are set up for failure!

Do you understand what its like to pay that money alone for education and still have difficulty finding a well paying job?! Its not like cutting the strings years back and America, the country with the most outlandish tuition, is the same country where parents are told to step out of their kids lives when they hit 18… Reply Nitive July 26, at As I have once heard being a student, college is not for everyone. And for the payments, students have opportunities to earn money through scholarships, grants, and if necessary, loans or even through taking a part-time job.

To be personal, despite having a decent standing in high school, I was still obligated to pay for school out-of-pocket due to circumstances of parents being unable to pay for college. While I still at times do resent them for not assisting, I also think of all the contributions they made the past nineteen years to ensure my well being to begin with.

It could had been much more worse. What matters is how much society has changed the necessity of going to college and distorted the meaning of success. Am I saying college does not bring success? No, I am not. But, I am saying people are able to earn success without college as well.

For those who are seeking college education, I wish you the best of luck. Continue working hard, work for yourself, think on the future, and you will be where you need to be. The time of blaming and resentment should ease to forgiveness instead.

Reply Feather June 7, at 8: But then they also resented doing the basics like food and clothing. Yet they spared no expense on the things they wanted for themselves. I struggled for many years to get a degree. Finally got it.

I make a good living and have a family of my own to care for. Reply TacoCat July 10, at 9: What was your process?

How could she get through it? How did you do it? What can she do to afford and get through college? Reply N July 10, at I spent my childhood raped and abused by my family. The selling point is that the companies take the extra money, invest it and grow cash value.

At some point, the cash value is so huge they say the earnings from it pay for the insurance. Using this argument, the agents try to convince the unsuspecting public to fork over their money to buy whole life when they could buy inexpensive term insurance at a fraction of the cost. The question is, who is right? It compares dollars in to dollars out. The first is term and the second is whole life. A few shekels more. Does that mean whole life is a better choice? Is that a good return?

Well you tell me. Probably very very bad.

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