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Worst Date Youve Ever Been On Reddit

worst date youve ever been on reddit

Originally Posted by Idon'tdateyou This one still stings 20 years later. When I was in college I started dating this radio DJ. Cadeau femme premiere rencontre classmates were envious of me because I snagged an actual DJ while in college to study broadcasting. A few months wrst I was at a worst date youve ever been on reddit party and someone asked me if I was going to beeb party. Another person one who didn't like me said "I got invited last week". I had no idea what party he was having so I said I was going. After all we were dating so of course I would be invited.

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And… so much could go terribly, horribly wrong. Honestly, it feels like, more often than not, a series of just-okay or completely horrible first dates have to happen before someone promising crosses your path. Hearing about the frustrating, funny, and downright sad experiences of other hopeful romantics can be cathartic, though. Consequently, we rounded up the worst first date experiences as seen through the eyes of an outsider — the waiters serving at that romantic first date restaurant.

They see all kinds of weird things at work and the customer requests get outrageous. Thank goodness some waiters like to share; now everyone can treat these bad dates as cautionary experiences. This first date was anything but heartwarming. Instead, this poor, injured woman rode to the hospital alone and unconscious while her date set to work finishing her meal.

We doubt Noah Centineo will play this guy in a rom-com anytime soon! Fresh out the hospital? Your first date can wait. Still, though, this guy appeared to be completely intent on carrying out his first date plans. He even decided to show up in the middle of his oral surgery recovery process. And what happened? This guy turned the date into a painful ordeal that lasted way too long!

That first date should provide both parties an opportunity to get acquainted with one another. The thread as a whole isn't quite as interesting as I was hoping it would be. It's actually… kind of depressing. There's also a lot of judging, from pretty much everyone, and in ways that highlight some of the worst parts of our society: Like I said: And I say this as someone who found an awesome partner through online dating.

Some of the stories really are wild, though — and if anything, they're a reminder that first date etiquette is really very simple: Just treat people the way you'd like to be treated. Be courteous, and don't expect anything other than some hopefully nice conversation and some getting-to-know-you time even if you swiped right on Tinder — you still have to get someone's consent before… well, doing anything at all.

I know first dates can be nerve-wracking — but they don't have to be complicated. So here. Have a gander at nine weird-ish Tinder dates. The good news is that a few of them are actually awesome stories, rather than nightmares. Head to AskReddit for more. But… What Happened? Of course, we'll never know her motivations for storming out — but if she really was just trying to get him to go after her?

Obviously this was a big deal to him and he called the restaurant to make sure we would do our best to make sure they have a pleasant evening. Wayyyy over the top. When serving the plates my boss even mentioned the phone call. To finish it off the desert came complete with fireworks and all that.

The idea was sweet, but obviously this was way too much for a first date of two people who were basically just getting to know each other. As the evening progressed the girl was visually put off by my boss trying too hard.

Poor guy. Up until then he had been doing quite well, the pair seemed to have a lovely evening. Until my try-hard boss entered the scene that is. A woman and a man came in and I had a table for them upstairs.

After ordering food the woman had to go to the toilet, which is downstairs. As she walked to the stairs, the food arrived.

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