Ballistol Testsieger Dating —

Ballistol Testsieger Dating

ballistol testsieger dating

It is brand new as shown and will come with a spray trigger nozzle for free. We also have these available in ballistol testsieger dating cans, 6oz aerosols, 1. Please check out our other auctions, or contact us with more questions or for bulk purchasing. This product has so many uses its hard to describe its flexible datong. Ballistol has 1, USES. One of the most astonishing features of Ballistol is its versatility.

Ballistol - The Original CLP - Cleans, Lubricates, Preserves

All weapons had remained completely rust-free on both the inside and outside, and no resinification of Ballistol had occurred. After pulling a dry cotton patch through the barrels, several rounds were fired from the weapons without malfunction. Ballistol truly stands the test of time. If something needs long-term preservation, Ballistol is the right choice for the job. It works! My cowboy action cohorts and I always keep a spray can around at a match because sometimes the black powder fouling ties up a gun.

A couple of spritz of Ballistol and a wipe down is all it takes to get them back in the match. Dave Campbell Founding Editor in Chief Shooting Illustrated The amount of lubricants, solvents and protective oils you can accumulate to take care of your firearms can be endless.

Consumers have a way of culling from the market place companies who make useless stuff. Ballistol has been around for over years because It Works! Not only that, but it was super easy to clean! I am seriously a firm believer in your product now! He set out to develop what the Army wanted. It soon became obvious that the new wonder Oil had truly amazing capabilities. The Army tested it and adopted it in and it stayed in use until But the word had spread and within a decade hunters, boaters, motorists, hikers, mountaineers and outdoorsmen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland convened to the new miracle oil.

Ballistol is good for wood and wooden stocks. It was designed to protect even untreated gun stocks against humidity, insects and fungus and to be compatible with all sorts of paints and varnishes, even those on antique guns. Ballistol can be used to re-treat oil stocks. It penetrates into the wood and inhibits the growth of fungus and mildew in the wood. Of course, you can also use Ballistol on modern and antique furniture or to protect external wooden structures against decay.

Ballistol will also prevent insects from attacking wood. It is sometimes uncertain which type of paint, lacquer or varnish was used on antique guns or furniture. Test Ballistol on a small spot first! Teak oil does a good job on teak, but only if the wood is dry. If the teak has been exposed for years and the surface has turned grey, neither teak oil nor Ballistol will bring the original looks back. But Ballistol can be applied to the wet wood and it does have the capability to prevent fungus mildew from further deteriorating the wood.

Inside a boat cabin, Ballistol maintains the wood everywhere. It makes it look great and prevents it from absorbing too much moisture and from developing mildew. Being alkaline, Ballistol slows down the growth of fungi in wood, if re-applied in regular intervals.

Ballistol was tested on several firearms and Ordnance Captain Ramsey notified Messrs. Kolb by end of April that Ballistol had been found to be far superior to the Cosmoline used at the time by the US Army for firearms maintenance.

Kolb was encouraged to submit a proposal in response to the Army's next RFP. Today Ballistol is used by numerous state and local law enforcement departments and departments of correction throughout the US.

Inquire about the NSN,s for Ballistol sizes. Lubrication Ballistol is a far better lubricant than most, if not all, other so-called gun oils.

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