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Califato De Cordoba Yahoo Dating

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Prosperity[ edit shiksa dating a jew The caliphate enjoyed increased prosperity during the 10th century. Abd ar-Rahman III united al-Andalus yaho brought the Christian kingdoms of the north under control by force and through diplomacy. The profits made during this time were divided into three parts: Al-Hakam's reliance on his advisers was greater than his father's because the previous prosperity under Abd ar-Rahman III allowed al-Hakam II to let the caliphate run by itself. This style of califato de cordoba yahoo dating suited al-Hakam II califaot he was more interested in his scholarly and intellectual pursuits than ruling the caliphate. The caliphate was at its intellectual and scholarly peak under al-Hakam II. Before his death, al-Hakam named his only son Hisham II successor.

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