Cbs 3 Dating Show Preview Of Knock —

Cbs 3 Dating Show Preview Of Knock

cbs 3 dating show preview of knock

It was much worse. Survivor season two premiered with 45 million viewers; no post-Super Bowl show has come close since then. Previeww an episode of Celebrity Big Brother, which has a cast sitting in a house and ready to be broadcast to the world live. Or anything dating church guys. Why not that? This is the best we have.

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The judges were less interesting to me than some of the Wall of the World people. The acts themselves were, eh, fine. About halfway through the episode, a contestant with a prosthetic arm played the violin. It was an incredible performance—and the show kept cutting away from her to show the judges crying, to make sure that we knew that it was emotionally moving. In many ways, it felt weaker.

So for them to put this in front of so many potential viewers is disappointing. The show started with James Corden introducing the judges—who were just sitting in their chairs behind a desk.

The editing kept cutting between medium close-up shots, making it difficult to get a sense of the space. When a man sang a country song, he was on stage with a pickup truck. Crosby on why Cyborg will win: It's a strange feeling going into a Cyborg fight with even the slightest bit of doubt in your mind, but that's the impact the greatest female fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes, has on everyone. The unbeaten Spencer provides an interesting challenge to the once-polarizing Cyborg, but for me, it comes down to motivation.

Cyborg has a lot of that at the moment. Entering the final fight on her current UFC deal, it's clear Cyborg doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon and her options are certainly open -- including a potential rematch with Nunes down the road if she does stick around the promotion. Channeling that motivation to get back on a championship track should carry Cyborg towards the victory over the inexperienced Spencer.

Pondering Cyborg's future after the fight is where the real drama will begin, though. Wise on why Spencer will win: Full disclosure, I am the same guy who picked Jessica Eye to beat Valentina Shevchenko last month, so take this with the largest grain of salt. But there's just something weird going on here with UFC and Cyborg.

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