Dating A Girl Who Wears Diapers —

Dating A Girl Who Wears Diapers

dating a girl who wears diapers

As a consequence, I never dated or became romantically involved. I thought if Monkeyrunner click button dating buried my kink with enough shame, it would go away and I would gifl turn normal. I play around with the kink in the privacy of my home and otherwise lead a normal life. I want to start dating. That takes ddiapers. There are two kinds of people at any big dating a girl who wears diapers event BDSM party, furry convention, piss splashdown: You can follow Lo on Twitter and Instagram.

Wear a diaper for my boyfriend? | Go Ask Alice!

At least personally, it's all about the personality of a man and the way he comes off. I'm sure if you're confidant in yourself you'll be fine: I'm a straight guy and I think that's cute LOL. I agree with most of the comments, I don't think it should stop you from having a serious relationship. Just be careful. It really depends on the girl. If she really likes you then that shouldnt be a problem. When will you be able to take your diapers off? The fact that you wear diapers doesn't even come into it.

Any girl that dumped a guy for something that trivial is not even worth your time. It's understandle that you went through an accident so you have some things that need healing. You seem like a nice guy so if I met you I probably wouldn't even care about such a minor thing like that. I would be fine with it. But I would want an explanation before I discovered it for myself. The fact that you would WANT to masturbate with your diaper on makes me think that this whole thing is a fetish and not a true story.

It's not like you NEED to keep it on when you masturbate. So yes, doing that would be a fetish. It's not something they can help. However, the moment it crossed the line from an unfortunate requirement to something related to sex or pleasure, I would be pretty creeped out.

Probably not a lot of people would be comfortable with the idea of incorporating diapers into their sex life, so be aware of that.

I think that your comments put what everyone else has been thinking delicately and sensitively, thank you so much for putting it out there nicely.

I think you should probably tell her soon, if not now. Keep in mind that her reaction will depend in part on the way you deliver the news. It would probably help your case if you didn't even directly refer to them as diapers. Emphasize the medical situation and make it clear that you have a handle on things and you don't let this problem get in the way of living a fulfilling life.

Keep things clear and simple and just tell her you thought she should know this about you before things progress. Don't apologize for having this problem or act ashamed of it that said, don't act like you love it either.

Best of luck! Juss qo for it ; in your case its understanding that you have to wear diapers if a girl makes fun of you because of that then she isn't worth it. I mean you can still have sex, right? Be honest please,I was in a car accident one year ago and have completely recovered ,but due to the type of injuries I received I have to wear diapers all the time, I haven't dated since the accident but I would like to.

I'm afraid when a girl finds out I have a diaper on that she would leave or make fun of me. I would like to start dating again. What do you think? I've read on the internet that there are a lot of people doing it. Would I be considered having a fetish considering my situation thanks. I started dating this awsome girl about two months ago. She doesn't know about the diapers and our relationship is getting serious.

I'm scared when she finds out she will leave. Should I tell her ,or let her find out on her own. Share Facebook. Girls Would you date a guy that wears diapers? Add Opinion. Have an opinion? You're very welcome!

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All of this is fine and good and healthy, as long as — and this is key point — everything that happens is consensual. Which segues to your second question: Should I indulge my partner? That's a question only you can answer. You've stated above that it makes you really uncomfortable — what about this fetish is causing you to squirm?

The idea that it's not normal? Or that it just does not turn you on? Even if every other person on the planet enjoyed wearing diapers during sex, you don't have to if it does not feel good to you. This does not make a fetish bad or unhealthy, it simply does not work for you.

The fact that you already said you would consider it does not mean you have to follow through and don a diaper. In any sexual encounter, consent includes the right to change ones mind before or during an activity. You don't need to explain or even understand why you're not into something, you can just say "no" or "stop.

Saying "yes," saying "no," or saying "I'm not sure yet, I need to think about it" are all reasonable answers to your partner's request. Do you feel saying "no" to your partner is acceptable or do you worry that declining might not be well-received? How comfortable do you feel communicating your own fantasies and fetishes to him? Does he seem to care about learning your likes and dislikes?

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