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Dating Jackson Guitars

dating jackson guitars

I will start with this and if others with more knowledge or corrections if need be will post contributions I will edit this easy site de rencontre gratuit post: Jackson Import Bolt-on serial number guide: Dating jackson guitars Concept series was only produced in and had the first 7 digit serial number scheme 94xxxxx. All MIJ bolt on guitars received a 7 digit serial number starting at increasing sequentially as more guitars are built, this system continues to this day for MIJ guitars as of the start of the serial numbers are up to approximately There is a slight exception to this format for several models. The new 7 digit MIJ serial system was suppose to start at the end of the Professional series which was suppose to end inbut it appears a few Professional series guitars were made into early Some new "No Series" name MIJ guitars for like the SDK-2, the Stealth EX, etc received 6 digit serial numbers during this transition period while the Professional series was ended there also are some Professionals that received dating jackson guitars digit new format serial numbers and some new "No Series" guitars that received the new 7 digit serial number dating jackson guitars [96] in their 6 dating jackson guitars serial numbers, so anything is possible during this transition in early

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It makes a lot more sense to me this way, especially when you look at what happened the following years, when the series expanded: Notice how the headliner in red is changed - the series should have been called and spelled out: Professional and all the model names should have been followed by the label Pro.

Photoshopped Index! Cheaper models benefits from the Pro label What happened later in history, was that Jackson included more guitars under the label Professional series - guitars that did not have the expensive features of the Pro's. They were named Std or EX, to name a few. That is not a problem in itself. But when Jackson use the terms inconsistantly, it becomes confusing. On the headstock it says Professional. But in catalogs Jackson abbreviates it to Pro. But Pro are the top-of-the-line expensive guitars, remember?

That's confusing! But maybe it's all a deliberate marketing trick by Jackson, making us think that Professional's are all the same. It says Professional on the headstock under the clearcoat. In catalogs, Jackson refers to it as a Pro series, because they can't be bothered writing the whole name like they do on the headstock.

Does that make it comparable to the Rhoads Pro? But we easily get the impression that it does. Blank truss rod cover? Furthermore, from early thru , the word Pro suddenly appeared on the truss rod covers of the Pro guitars. Helpful and confusing at the same time, because where does that leave the first batch of Pro guitars , which had blank truss rod covers? The Japanese made Pro guitars, are the guitars that are known to equal the USA Jacksons in terms of build quality, features and workmanship.

These are the ones you want to hunt down on eBay, but expect to pay good money for them. Most of the other Professional series models are killer axes too - I am only pointing out, that the Pro's are the closest match for a USA made Jackson from the same period of time and deserves to be recognized as such. The Jackson Pro series is designed for the professional working musician who requires a superior caliber instrument to match his or her superior talents.

Read full version Jackson Pro by Jackson, For years the only way for some of the world's best guitarists to get their hands on a Jackson guitar was to custom order it from the factory, and many of you still do see page 50 but now there's another way. In response to the monumental demand for Jacksons, and with an eye toward making them affordable to virtually any working professional guitarist, Jackson has introduced a standardized line of guitars.

By limiting the custom options to finishes and having the guitars made to Jackson's stringent specifications at the Charvel plant, we're now able to produce top quality guitars for very competitive prices. These guitars are made to the same exacting Jackson standards and with he same hardware, woods and electronics that have made Jackson the most sought-after guitars and basses in the world.

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