Dating Megan Fox —

Dating Megan Fox

Dating megan fox

Nov 30, Kevin WinterGetty Images Even if you weren't totally into the whole robots thing, Transformers was still an excellent movie franchise—mostly because it Dating megan fox Shia LaBeouf he's doing better now and Megan Fox in their glory days. The actors had pretty undeniable chemistry in the movies, and fans were constantly wondering whether the co-stars dated in real life. After a very long decade later, we finally have our answer: Their relationship apparently didn't continue past the films Fox was fired for making negative comments about its director Michael Baybut this is still mind-blowing for anybody who shipped the couple Dating megan fox the films. This is the first time Fox has said anything definitive about her and LaBeouf's clearly Dating megan fox platonic relationship. LaBeouf has been pretty open about their relationship over the years, though.

Strange facts about Megan Fox's marriage

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