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Well, let this article Dating scene singapore as Dating scene singapore guide to you on the proper dating etiquette in Singapore. Scdne note that this serves as a general guide and may not apply ayi dating site for seniors all Singaporeans. Singaporeans, though modern, often hold a slightly different set of ideas when it comes to dating. Due to the Asian values that have been inculcated by families and institutions, most Singaporeans often adopt a careful approach to dating. Approaching a Singaporean for a date:

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In Singapore, the idea of going on dates often involves activities such as a meal, movies, clubbing, drinks, walks and lengthy conversation, amongst others. Do not be surprised if some of these dates are organised as group dates, which involves other couples, usually friends, together with you.

It is quite normal to be invited to family events such as birthdays, gatherings, weddings or even weekly outings and dinners. This is an area that an expat should be quite careful about when on a date with a Singaporean.

There have been cases where some expats have found charges being pressed against them by Singaporean women, for what the expat considers harmless touching. In some of these cases, the expats were served with a fine, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousands. It is best to be familiar with your local date and understand the limits they may or may not have on touching during dates. I have dated a prom queen from a certain junior college, a FHM cover model and some real beautiful local women, inside and out.

Let me tell you guys, the reason our Caucasian friends seem to do better then local guys has nothing to do with being a foreigner. It has to do with their mindset and mentality. Gender Divide Most Singaporean guys and girls are brought up with a clear gender divide. That guys have to behave like a gentlemen, even if the girl is just a friend of his. This mindset from young makes many guys treat girls differently then they would treat guys.

They might be all fun and laughter with their guy friends and then to their female counterparts, behave all gentlemanly and boring. Being gentlemanly ends up being letting women step all over you. Now, why would a girl want a nice, boring and traditional male as their partner whom they can step all over? Most foreign guys, caucasians especially, were never born with such a mindset.

The gender divide is a lot less in countries like America and England. This meant that guys there mostly treat their male and female counterparts the same way. They will not suddenly freeze up, start sweating profusely and act in a fake manner towards women.

This also means they are a lot more playful with women, and wouldn't think twice of tickling their female friend, carrying them over their shoulder and throwing them in the pool, or smacking their derriere in a friendly playful manner. But the trouble is that spending time and money on your sanity is nowhere near as widely accepted as it is in more progressive cities. We're so passive We're sure this isn't unique to Singapore, but some of our friends complain that there aren't a whole lot of single people who aren't just coasting along in life, disinterested in culture and politics and music and all those things that make people sexy.

It's a little hard to get an engaging conversation with people whose reading diet is entirely made of their Facebook feed and whose typical weekends consist of just tagging along wherever their friends go. Housing woes So you've met someone. What's next? Unless you're above 35, an expat or making good enough money to rent a nice place, many single Singaporeans still live with their parents or in less-than-ideal rental situations think oppressive landlords or judgmental housemates.

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