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May 31, at 6: Share your thoughts or story April 28, at Stay strong. Share your thoughts or story April 5, at fating It is a free online dating site offering a different dating sites for caregivers of dating options such as Asian dating, interracial dating, facebook dating and much more.

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Contact you pick up the phone and meet up. What I'm talking about is more about human contact, like a polyamourus relationship. We know how short life is and people aren't being touched, they go from a monogamous life to a celibate life with no choice in the matter. Caregivers are very loving and because they are under so much stress kinda vulnerable. People think they can take advantage of a caregiver if they want a co-dependant relationship, and worse if it's a patient.

This way it's like a couples thing where the caregiver and the patient have lunch with another person or couple and see if they are a good fit. I could be wrong but think most longterm "mongamous" relationships have some infidelity in them, this way people are open and safe, plus no one is shamed for being human. The million dollar question is how would you weed out those who would take advantage?. How would you get to that first time lunch together.

You made friends with other couples and relied on each other to help you doing the tough times. So, then the question becomes how do you create that same atmosphere today where people can meet others? Have a local coffee or ice cream shop start up a weekly caregivers meet up social? I like the idea of a social than a support group for a name. The idea is interesting food for thought. In my area what would probably be more popular is a caregiver social at one of the new local brewers.

If your the guy buying lots of dinners sucks but if your a female you just choose and say what you want. It's like you compartmenatlize the situation.

If the date doesn't go well no loss you still have love and family, not looking for love or to start a family, but still want understanding and fun. Really a few messages on a site a few texts and a few calls and you know a lot about someone if they are honest.

No rush, take your time getting to know someone. My thing with local socials is judgement, if it's a swingers club or Polyamarous living group I think they are inclusive but if you talk about things like this with church folk it's tricky.

The biggest thing is respect for self and the patient, I think it's harder for the patient if it's a neighbor or mailman kind of thing because they have to see them regularly. Maybe you have a favorite couple you want to play with. There are all kinds of situations that the couple should talk about before hand so everyone has a good time. Events are cool but was think on an indavidual level, the more people the more that could go wrong, then through some booze on it lol.

A sober lunch is still an option, not as much fun but an option. Can have wine with lunch. Might want to check meetme or meetup. The shear thought of it scares the heck out of me. Now fast forward a couple of decades. This time, however, you and your parents are both much older and yet the complications have somehow multiplied when it comes to introducing Mom and Dad to new people—especially a new love interest.

Perhaps your parents have dementia and have lost their filter and all concept of social graces. Maybe they are argumentative and controlling and demand percent of your time and attention. Many seniors struggle to accept change, so the thought of you, their primary caregiver, pursuing other interests and relationships may be a deeply troubling possibility. In an attempt to maintain the status quo, they might remind you of your past failed relationships and advise that you should leave well enough alone at your age.

How does one date under these circumstances? And if you are successful in meeting someone special, how do you find the time and energy to nurture a new relationship while caring for your parents and avoiding their wrath? A few simple tips can help you mentally prepare for this undertaking.

This is one of those times. Many women choose not to introduce potential partners to their children until there is some degree of certainty that the relationship is stable and there is a chance for long-term success.

Kids are vulnerable and rely on their parents for love and care, so introducing a new person into the family causes a serious shift in dynamics. Similarly, your aging parents are at a vulnerable point in their lives where they rely on you for a great deal.

They could easily jump to the conclusion that you will not have time for them if you begin focusing on your love life. Instead, give it some time to get to know a prospective partner before taking the plunge with a whole family introduction. Ideally, you will have covered some of this briefly on your first couple of dates as you got to know one another. Talk with your new beau about some of the unusual symptoms that dementia causes and offer to share some information on the disease with them.

If the person you are dating shows little interest in your life as a caregiver or will not make any effort to understand your situation, or that of your parents, consider this a red flag. Caregiving is a huge part of your life, and this role should be respected by someone who truly cares about you. Even if they have had caregiving experience themselves, individual situations differ greatly.

Yours may be way too complicated or intense for someone on the outside to fully grasp after only a few conversations.

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