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Dating Video Game Anime Series

dating video game anime series

A lot of anime have gamers and games on the side or even as the main focus of the plot. And not dating video game anime series video games, though they are arguably most popular; also eeries games, board games, and more! Some are causal stories where the players just want to have fun. Others are more high stakes, with lives, the fate of datkng world, money, titles, and more on the line. And maybe the players can have a good time, too. Regardless, we have a good time watching anime about games! These anime are some of the more recent game anime that have been released, along with some older ones that are what we dating video game anime series the highest quality.

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And it seems like only he and a strange boy named Kazuma can stop the hacker from creating total chaos! Summer Wars takes place in two settings, the real world in Japan and the virtual world of OZ.

While OZ is more than just a game, it does have game applications within it. When the hacker known as Love Machine takes over the system, he sees everything in the world as a game to be played. In order to defeat him, the famous avatar King Kazma challenges him to a Hanafuda card game called Koi-Koi. Eventually, all of the avatars in OZ join in the game to try to defeat Love Machine and keep the world safe.

Summer Wars is a mix between being about a video game and a card game and makes that card game incredibly exciting and high stakes. She chooses a game called Fruits de Mer and recreates herself on the game as a handsome adventurer named Hayashi. She soon becomes friends with a cute healer named Lily and spends all of her time with her in the game.

Slowly but surely, Morioka becomes more engrossed in her gaming life as Hayashi than in real life as herself. She begins to not leave her flat except when necessary.

And she spends all her time logged in. But when she runs into an awkward stranger named Yuuta at the convenience store who also plays the game, maybe fate has more in store for her than she realises While most of these game anime follow a male lead, especially the video game ones, Net-juu no Susume has a female main character.

Admittedly she plays as a boy IN the game, but in real life, Morioka is a woman. It has its share of action and adventure, but the focus is more on a comedic romance that is set mostly in an online video game and eventually in real life, too. That makes Net-juu no Susume quite a bit different than the other game anime on our list, and something special so that even more audiences to enjoy game anime too!

Accel World Episodes: He finds comfort in playing online games - or well, he did until all of his high scores were suddenly beaten by Kuroyukihime, the Vice President of the student council! And she wants Haruyuki to help her do it!

Accel World is focused on Brain Burst, which serves as a virtual reality fighting game. Users must duel one another to get points and gain levels, but there is a lot at stake. If you lose all your points, you lose access to Brain Burst forever. Accel World takes the idea of a virtual reality game and adds a fantasy twist to it with the high stakes and ability to stop time itself, creating an interesting anime about a game to watch.

Kakegurui Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler Episodes: By day the school is an average high school, but at night it transforms into a gambling den. The value of this is to teach its students the arts of making money and manipulating people - valuable life skills for their roles in life.

While most people play the games with the intent to win, Yumeko plays simply for the thrill of playing. And that means she will take any risk and throw caution to the wind for the thrill of the game! Kakegurui has an interesting concept, shaking things up from the usual prestigious high school trope stories. Instead, it focuses on gambling and card games, and the social art of human manipulation and lying.

Yumeko makes a great main character for a game anime because she cares less about winning and more about just playing the game and having fun. That means she never plays cautiously but always makes the games exciting and fun to watch. Log Horizon Episodes: One of these players is veteran gamer and master strategist Shiroe, who immediately takes to living life in the game and trying to figure out what happened.

This somewhat recycled plot is really well done in Log Horizon, and the anime feels fresh and new despite being an old idea. Log Horizon brings that gaming mindset to life.

He decides to move to Tokyo alone at age 17, but his introverted personality isolates him from everyone at school and at the shogi hall, too. When Rei meets three sisters named Akari, Hinata, and Momo, though, things start to change positively. Through his friendship with these girls, Rei learns how to deal with his own emotions, and sustain a healthy lifestyle by interacting with other people as he embarks on a career as a professional shogi player. It takes a long time to learn and even longer to truly master.

It has a good balance of shogi time along with character interaction and development. Game anime fans can enjoy both watching the game play out on the screen while also enjoying a feature story about what it means to be human. Overlord Episodes: Rather, the game world seems to have shifted, with NPCs developing their own personalities.

Momonga decides to investigate this phenomenon and see what has happened to the world of Yggdrasil. The fantasy fight scenes are awesome though, and will satisfy lovers of video games and great action sequences! Overlord is a much darker look at the world of MMORPGs compared to another game anime with similar plot lines and is a lot more intense. For game anime fans that are looking for something more than average with a serious plot and serious action, Overlord is the best choice.

Others included the opening sequence and the endings. The game contents are otherwise identical to the original version. It was released on March 29, for Super Famicom. The game was ported to the Nintendo DS on February [2] This version allows the player to choose the usual heroine, Angelique Limoges, or her rival Rosalia de Catargena, as the main character. The DS version introduced a messaging feature. Angelique Collet, a girl who lives in the cosmos that the heroine of the first game now rules, is chosen as a queen candidate for a new cosmos.

The count of male characters increases to include the nine Guardians, as well as three Tutors and three Collaborators. Angelique Collet, now queen of a new cosmos, is drawn into a pocket cosmos, Arcadia, with the rest of the Angelique Special 2 cast.

She develops the wilderness of Arcadia in order to free Elda, a strange being she finds there. The main character is a girl from the cosmos ruled by Angelique Limoges named Ange, who must save the cosmos as the "Legendary Etoile". Includes all of the major characters from previous Angelique titles, plus three new "Holy Beast Cosmos" Guardians.

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