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Dating Zippo Boxes

dating zippo boxes

Company history[ edit ] Zippo plant, c. Blaisdell founded Zippo Manufacturing Company inand produced the first Zippo lighter in earlybeing inspired by an Austrian cigarette lighter of similar design made by IMCO. While the Zippo Dating zippo boxes Company never had an official contract with dating zippo boxes military, soldiers and armed forces personnel insisted that base exchange BX and post exchange PX stores carry this sought-after lighter. These lighters are now sought after collector's items and popular souvenirs for visitors to Dwting. The basic mechanism of the Zippo lighter has remained unchanged, but they developed into a popular fashion accessory, with a huge variety of artistic designs produced.


Return boxes for repaired Zippos were used until ; from , the new box was introduced for regular model lighters and the return boxes were changed to the same striped boxes as the regular ones. Since then, the boxes for returns were changed, following the modifications to regular models, until Then the use of boxes was terminated, the last boxes were decorated with the flame design. From to , a plastic package was used. Zippo lighters, the Advertising Medium.

The Zippo was first introduced as a promotional item in by the Kendall Refining Company. Kendall ordered Zippo lighters with their trademark glued to the case for advertising purposes. This was the beginning of the specialty advertising business for the Zippo. Zippo Manufacturing Company discovered the market potential of the product as an adverting medium.

Soon, Zippo produced a pamphlet aimed at Corporations to use Zippo as a pocket salesman. Designs such as the military, airplanes, tourists spots, sports teams, comic characters and universities also appeared on Zippo's lighters. Corporate novelty and commemorative lighters were produced only in limited numbers. In essence, the Zippo lighters were the salesman in a pocket. Marlboro cigarette was first marketed in by Philip Morris.

The advertising images used were those of cowboys, athletes, and pilots. From , the Cowboy became the sole image of the cigarette. Zippo first appeared in a Marlboro advertisement in , coinciding with the first time the cowboy appeared in the role of Marlboro's image character. Zippos were used by Philip Morris in promotional campaigns as well.

Ever since, Zippo has had an inseparable relationship with Marlboro, both as a campaign item and an advertising tool. The Birth of the Sports Series. The models with a carrying strap also appeared in the Sports Series. In , models in the New Sports Series displayed designs on both the bottom and the lid. This series featured six models. Five models depicting five types of sports and their players and the Slim Zippos Lighter depicting a woman bowling. From to another Sports Series was introduced without the designs on the lid.

Many of the animal designs are now included in the Wildlife Series. The Debut of the Windproof Lady.

In , Zippo ran a one-page advertisement in the December issue of Esquire, aimed at the Christmas shoppers. The ad had an illustration of a woman lighting up a cigarette in the wind. The "Windproof Beauty", drawn by Enoc Boles. It was a different image from the previous image, which emphasized outdoor sports. Using an illustration of an attractive woman, the advertisers were aiming to appeal directly to the readers of the magazine, which was targeted at the urban male.

The Windproof Beauty illustration was also used for packaging and became one of Zippo's characteristic images. This was a memorable advertisement for Zippo, the company would later run regular advertisements in many major magazines such as Life, the Saturday Evening Post, and Reader's Digest. Blaisdell shipped as many Zippo lighters as possible to post exchanges and to the front line.

Soldiers were favorable of the Zippo lighters because they were inexpensive, reliable, and it always worked when it was needed. During this time, Zippo was faced with material shortages.

Zippo had no choice but to use low quality porous steel instead of brass. The chrome or nickel finishing coat could not be applied to the lighter, this left a black-matte finish on the surface. The advantage of the black finish was that it did not reflect light that would attract enemy attention on the battlefield.

No other event in history had increased the popularity of the Zippo as did the second World War. General Douglas MacArthur left a large amount of memorabilia behind in Japan, many of these articles are housed at the MacArthur Museum. MacArthur's Zippos are among the item to be displayed by the Museum. The Zippo with a commemorative medal of the unconditional surrender of Japan, and the signature of General MacArthur, was given to all young officers trained on U.

Missouri in These Zippos with the signature of General MacArthur is very rare. Zippo was more than a lighter in Viet Nam. During the Vietnam war, several items became the canvasses on which soldiers painted their feelings. The Zippo was one of these items. According to collectors, , Zippos were used by American soldiers in Vietnam. The Zippo played a part in almost every daily activity of a soldier.

The shiny top provided a handy mirror and the lighter's flame warmed the stew at meal time. It should be noted that the new design was previously used on Zippo lighters made between March and December An earlier alteration to the bottom stamp took place in Early Zippos have the word "Bradford" extending to above the "I" in Zippo, whilst later models have this ending above the "Z".

To the best of my knowledge there were three different "old" style boxes. These are pictured below. I have been told that the right hand box was for lighters distributed from the Canadian plant, but I have many of these boxes with Bradford lighters in them.

Since typing the above paragraph, I have spent a little more time examining these boxes and have now discovered no fewer than 7 variants. The T-Bird is my favorite,. In Jaguar was a zippo leader in the dating for world both zippo and off the track. German styling and performance at it's best. Early GE Computer Dept. Where dating barrels 2 and 4 became larger. This zippo computer took people to run.

ERMA computerized the manual processing of checks and account management and automatically updated boxes posted checking accounts. MICR allowed computers to read special numbers dating the bottom of checks dating allowed computerized tracking and accounting of check transactions. ERMA was first demonstrated to the public boxes September , and first tested on real banking accounts in the fall of. Thirty-two units were delivered to the Bank of America in for full-time use as the bank's accounting computer and check handling system.

ERMA computers were for into the s. Jimmy stewart is well known for his acting, but his life was very colorful as a bomber for in both WWII and Vietnam. In , his rank boxes colonel was boxes permanent, and in , Jimmy Stewart was promoted to Brigadier General. Air Force. I purchased this lighter from the cousin of Film critic Nevart Apikian. The lighter was a gift to the people involved with the making and promotion of the movie "Strategic Air Command" starring Jimmy Stewart.

Mint and never used. Along with the lighter dating this press photo showing Mr. Stewart in discussion with. General, William Blanchard. This photos shows the Strategic Air Command logo on the jet. Please read. I reply to all emails. This one is in the very rare early box. There is the "Pop Up" flap used to display the zippo at the retail stores. Below is the "Full leather" model first used in. For many years, Texaco was the only company selling for under the same brand name in all 50 US states, as well as Canada, making it the most truly national brand among its competitors.

It is by far one of the most recognized symbols in the gasoline industry.

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