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Dolley Madison Dating Site

dolley madison dating site

Reviewed Oct. Dolley Madison is arguably daing most important first lady of the nineteenth century. Not surprisingly, several books have been written about her, and her letters have been collected, organized, and published. Lucia B. Yet, only selected letters were included in the work in dolley madison dating site to present her relative in a favorable light. In the historian Allen C.

Dolly Madison Dating Site

The Dolley Madison Digital Edition is the first complete edition of all known correspondence of the wife of the fourth president of the United States, containing roughly two thousand letters. Although many letters are simply thank-you notes or polite responses to social invitations, others offer rich insights into the personality and experiences of the First Lady, especially those exchanged with her sisters.

The letters are organized into five periods: Researchers can search the database by names, dates, topics, and even places. A helpful table of contents lists the letters by date, author, and recipient. With historical integrity, all letters retain any original misspellings and word usage specific to the time. The editors added to the original letters only a date at the top when one was missing.

Several helpful features make the site both user-friendly and accessible to a wide audience, including: Although the site is gated, there is a free trial option accessible to all. The registration and subscription process is convenient and can be done online.

There is also a nominal annual maintenance fee. This site is more of a general resource on all things Dolley, offering portraits and visual images, timelines of her life, and other information serving a far wider audience than The Dolley Madison Digital Edition.

Dolley Madison was not only very famous in her time, but her popularity obviously endures in American popular culture. The first of the four basic features of The Dolley Madison Project is an iconic exhibit of images of her and the commercial uses of her name in a wide array of businesses and products, including the Dolly Madison Bakery and Dolly Madison Ice Cream, and other items, from dolls to silverware to tobacco.

The third feature is another exhibit, with a broader scope than the first. It contains images of Mrs. Madison, selected letters to and from her, lists and images of her residences, and a helpful timeline of her life.

The fourth feature is a collection of helpful resources, including essays, a biographical chronology, and a list of frequently asked questions. Even computer novices and those not trained in historic research will find both sites extremely easy to navigate.

Similarly, everything from the font, color, general appearance, and organization of both sites not only enhances the popular image of what historical documents are supposed to look like but lends to the overall quality, accessibility, and thoroughness of the sites. The images and letters are clear and attractive, a wealth of information is organized and designed to be conveniently accessible, and users are only one or two mouse clicks away from all information on the sites.

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