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The KESC team started restoration work minutes after the blasts and arranged back-up lighting in the affected areas through its own standby generators for the help of its mainteams as well as the security of civic agencies. In addition several spans of supply cable were also burnt, broken and damaged. KESC teams mobilised all their resources while working throughout the night to ensure the restoration of power datnig the datung. Police said the man was going home after performing his duty in Shinwari Hotel as a waiter when the incident took place. He received was hit by a single bullet and died on the spot. Separately, two dead on,ine gila kis se karein episode 58 online dating men bearing bullet and torture marks were found dead in Old Hajji Camp within the jurisdiction of Napier Snl dating skit 2018 Station.

Most were killed during an attempt by some to storm a prison there. The latest street battles broke out when word emerged that 39 defendants in the case were transferred to prisons outside the city.

A police official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to discuss the case, said the transfer was necessary to ensure calm before a March 9 court hearing that is expected to issue new verdicts for police officers and other Port Said defendants also charged in connection with the soccer incident.

Seven died at the scene of the accident in Jaheer village in the state of Punjab, with a further four succumbing to their injuries in hospital, the Press Trust of India news agency reported, citing a local official. Nearly 30 children were travelling in the bus, local senior police officer Rajinder Singh told the agency. About , people were killed in Indian road accidents in -- more than every day -- according to the National Crime Records Bureau.

Bad roads, speeding vehicles and poor driving were among the contributing factors. The list of nominees is kept secret for 50 years. But thousands of people are eligible to nominate candidates — including former laureates, members of parliament and government around the world, some university professors and members of certain international organisations — and they can reveal the names they have put forward.

In a condolence message, Ashraf paid tributes to Afridi for her contribution to democracy. He prayed for eternal peace for her soul. Afridi died Sunday night in Peshawar after a brief illness. She was elected as member of the National Assembly on a reserved seat for women from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the elections. Accompanied by a large number of political workers, Naheed Khan made her way to the ECP office in Islamabad and applied for a separate party.

While disposing of suo motu case of rape and murder of year-old girl, the Supreme Court on Monday ordered the subordinate court to give the verdict within 30 days. A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, heard the suo-motu case. He said further the accused were serial killers and were involved in another four cases.

He informed the court that sleeping pills were given to Shehzadi and was raped. The challan of the accused has been presented in the subordinate court. Afterwards, the court disposed of the case, ordering the subordinate court to decide the case within thirty days.

Once in power, PTI will eradicate terrorism. Imran Khan termed the killing a national tragedy, as due to his demise, the country has been deprived of internationally recognised eye specialist. Lashing out at the government, the PTI chairman said that the government did nothing for eradicating the militancy and extremism for the past five years from the country, adding that even the rulers miserably failed in launching any welfare project for the poverty-stricken and inflationridden masses.

During the course of proceeding, the AG apprised the bench regarding his meeting with the officials of the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP and other stakeholders. He further stated that only in Saudi Arabia 1. The chief justice asked whether the option of E-balloting was discussed during the meeting. Responding to the query, the AG said the option was not discussed as it could become very con- fusing since people from constituency could demand to cast their votes from another constituency.

Justice Saeed said it was the constitutional right of every overseas Pakistani to exercise the right to vote and it was the duty of ECP to make sure their names were in the electoral lists. The CJ said that the court was fully aware of the fact that it was not an easy task, yet ECP should take a practical approach and try its best to ensure all voters were taken on board.

He also suggested to the AG that he could a hold meeting with the law minister and representatives of ECP in order to find out some easy way to solve the problem. Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry also stated that they might hold a debate in the parliament on the issue and there was a hope that some solution might come out of that debate.

The meeting was adjourned till March In the proposed bill, various amendments were proposed in the already existing press laws like Press and Publication Ordinance and RPPO It has been proposed that application for Declaration of Newspaper, Magazine, Printing Press, News Agencies and books should be directly submitted with the deputy commissioner.

The deputy commissioner would be bound to complete the procedure within 90 days otherwise the applicant would have the right of commencing publications on expiry of 90 days. Similarly, in the proposed bill it was suggested that the declaration could be transferred only to blood relatives and no one would be allowed to indulge in sale and pur- chase of the declaration.

The declaration holders or owners would be bound to pay Rs 20, as renewal fee otherwise the declaration could be considered null and void on failure. Imran Khan advised the people of Karachi that they should not vote for those who had armed wings.

He also said political parties in Sindh supported terrorism. He said he would curb the menace of terrorism through police and would not call in army. He said regularisation of , contractual employees as well as Metro Bus System and distribution of laptops were part of pre-poll rigging.

An official from the National Investigating Agency NIA , a federal police unit that probes terror offences, said the suspect was arrested in the eastern Indian city of Ranchi. He asked to remain unnamed and gave no further details. Senior Ranchi police officer, Vipul Shukla said the NIA had also been hunting for the man in connection with a string of bombings in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad which claimed 56 lives in Newspapers have pointed the finger at the Indian Mujahideen, a shadowy militant group which has claimed responsibility for previous attacks but is seen by some experts as being simply a loose network of extremists.

According to Mail on Sunday, the historic move, to be announced soon by Home Secretary Theresa May, would mean foreign courts could no longer meddle in British justice. And it is something that we hope that we will get a correct response to what we have asked from Pakistan.

Uppal has launched an international campaign to highlight the case. Secretary May wants to withdraw from the convention before the next Election in , but Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, a keen proEuropean, has made it clear he will veto the initiative.

As a result, it is set to be a manifesto promise to be put into action if David Cameron wins an overall majority. The court was established in , giving complainants direct access to justice at a European level. But critics say the court has grown out of all proportion, and its judges do not even need to have any judicial experience in their homeland.

While the critics said that the government decisions about the removal of various asylum seekers and war victims were in the violation of human right conventions and subsequently they were allowed by the UK judges to stay in the country.

Similarly, under the current rules, the decisions of British courts can be challenged in the European court of Human Rights in Strasburg and in this regards recently the famous Muslim preacher Abu Qatada was allowed to stay in the UK by the EU court under the human rights act. In an interview with Editor-in-Chief of Indian Express Shekhar Gupta, Haqqani said that there was consensus in the country over democracy and almost everyone wanted the democratic process to continue.

Haqqani, who is now a professor of International Relations at Boston University, was in India for a conference. But the key thing is that this is the first civilian government in history that has not arrested its opponents, that has not filed cases against them, which has not persecuted or prosecuted people.

In fact the people who have been prosecuted have been people from within the government. He said that the state apparatus had used extremism as an instrument of policy because of a sense of insecurity. If Muslims cannot pray in a mosque because of the sect they belong to then we have defeated the purpose of the creation of Pakistan and we need to review all that. A contingent of Pakistan Navy presented him the Guard of Honour. I think I am a better patriot than the people who have accused me of treason because I offer a better alternative vision for Pakistan.

I say that Pakistan needs to go beyond its old paradigms, instead of being an ideological state it needs to be a state that is responsible for its people.

Sheikh Dost Mohammed has served as the top Taliban leader and shadow governor in Nuristan province for several years, and his insurgent network maintains deep ties with regional Salafist movements and al Qaeda, media reports say. He has been reported killed numerous times since The alleged drone strike 09 N took place early Saturday morning in the unstable Ghaziabad district in Kunar province. The International Security Assistant Force ISAF issued a brief statement confirming that Afghan and coalition forces killed three insurgents and wounded another during an operation in Ghaziabad district, Kunar province, on March 2.

The ISAF statement further added: After ensuring no civilians were in the vicinity, the security force engaged the armed insurgents, killing three and wounding one. A three-day anti-polio vaccination campaign was launched in Federally Administered Tribal Areas FATA on Monday where at least , children under five years of age would be vaccinated.

At least 2, mobile, area incharge, 76 transit and fixed site teams had been deputed to vaccinate , children under five years of age. The campaign will continue till March 6. A nurse was injured on Monday when a gas cylinder exploded in the gynecological ward of Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar on Monday. The administration of the hospital said the blast, resulting in the fire, took place due to leakage from the gas cylinder.

A nurse sustained burn injuries while no casualties were reported. He said he would call a meeting in Islamabad to discuss the strategy to make good use of the public and private radio stations in this regard.

Solangi assured the CEC that as a public broadcaster with the largest network of the country, Radio Pakistan would play a leading role to give equal opportunity to all contestants in the upcoming elections. Unidentified gunmen on Monday killed a businessman in the Hospital Road area of Kalat, police officials said.

The victim, identified as Abdul Khaliq, was in his chicken shop when the armed men opened fire on him and fled from the scene. The body was handed over to the heirs after completion of legal formalities. The reason behind the killing could not be ascertained.

Police were investigating the matter. Separately, a man was electrocuted in Tehsil Grisha of Khuzdar District. Levies officials said Muhammad Ashraf was fixing lives wires when he suffered electric shocks and died on the spot. His body was handed over to the heirs after legal formalities. Police have registered a case. There is a lot of activation that we are doing around the film. This unprecedented promotional engagement commenced beginning of this year with weekly '3 Bahadur' comic strips being published in Young World.

The comic strips series showcases side adventures of the '3 Bahadur' gang fighting issues that the common Pakistani man faces on a daily basis. We will be launching a dedicated website for '3 Bahadur', with detailed information on the film, its story and characters and downloadable content such as photos, music and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.

We are also creating a '3 Bahadur' game for Android and iOS based platforms and a graphic novel. How do you see '3 Bahadur' contributing to the revival of Pakistani cinema? In a country of million people, the resurgence of cinema is occurring at a rapid rate.

An unprecedented amount of multiplexes are springing up all over the country to cater to growing demands for quality entertainment. How challenging was it to make a high quality animated movie in Pakistan with the available resources, expertise and materials?

I was nervous because I had never worked in animation before, and documentary films are very different in terms of content and style. When we started working on '3 Bahadur' back in summer of , it was an uphill climb -- putting together a team, learning how animation works from the initial sketch to the final shot, and diving into a medium that is both expensive and time consuming. What surprised me was the ease with which we found exceptional illustrators, writers, animators and visual effect artists and, with their help, we found our pace a few months into the project.

We have not given them the space and resources required to show off just how talented they are. We have all the ingredients to one day be a nation that produces multiple animated films every year, and I am certain that '3 Bahadur' will play its own small role in expanding the industry and getting more people interested in what animation has to offer.

When and where will '3 Bahadur' be releasing?

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