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Gossip Girl Actors Dating Young

gossip girl actors dating young

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In the end, she was basically written off, save a few guest appearances. Actor Penn Badgley has been pretty vocal regarding his utter disdain for the Gossip Girl franchise, calling his time on the show, "an endurance test.

While Penn was promoting his movie, Greetings From Tim Buckley, he revealed his true feelings about his breakout role in an interview, saying that he could finally be proud of some of his work, which was an entirely new feeling for him. He told reporters that it was nice to not have to constantly apologize for his past acting work. Ummmm, we can only assume he is referring to his stint on GG.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. For the most part, Cicely was on board with what show producers envisioned for the television adaptation, but one character portrayal rubbed her the wrong way. The character of Vanessa was apparently way off the mark. In the book, Vanessa is an all-black wearing bad ass with a shaved head.

In the television show, she's a brilliant future filmmaker, but spends most of her time pining over Dan. The author made it clear that her feelings toward the character had nothing to do with actress Jessica Szhor's acting abilities and everything to do with the character development that the show's writers created. It has to be hard to see your words and vision go in a completely different direction than you initially intended.

According to the gossip rags, Season 4 was full of fights over designer apparel. Truth be told, how can you even have a show like this and not have a few feuds over costumes?

The series is based on the wealthy and privileged, after all. This is some very Gossip Girl-worthy drama here. His scene was shot with actress Taylor Momsen and she did not make the best of impressions on the guest actor.

In fact, he gave a cringe-worthy interview to E! Gunn called Taylor a "pathetic diva" who couldn't remember her lines. He told the interview that he could not for the life of him figure out why they "were all being held hostage over this brat. During this time, both Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen were branching out into the music world. When she threw a proper fit over it, a CW representative issued a statement, saying "The show will support Taylor and her music when the time is right, but her music is not ready yet.

There is no shortage to rumors that these two had a long-standing feud off-screen. It has been alleged that Blake had a beef with Meester's wardrobe budget and Meester thought Lively was a complete egomaniac. There were also reports stating that when the cameras stopped rolling the actresses, "avoided one another like the plague. We all work with people who are merely co-workers, not BFFs.

Her fears were put to rest—or maybe magnified—when show producers told her that was exactly what they wanted. They encouraged the young stars to date each other. She's not the only musical cast member - her on-screen brother Penn Badgley recorded a pop song aged Much to our disappointment, it was never released.

Ed Westwick also fronted indie rock band The Filthy Youth Two of his songs were featured in the season one episode, 'School Lies. Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were friends before the show started They were home-schooled together as year-olds. It's a small world, hey? Blair's classic look was modelled on Audrey Hepburn A spin-off series, set in the '80s and focusing on Serena's mother Lily and her sister Carol, was originally planned Shutterstock It was never picked up by the network, but aired as part of the season two episode 'Valley Girls' Had it gone ahead, it would have featured younger versions of characters from The OC, too.

A spin-off show with Jenny Humphrey as the main character was also planned It was never picked up, and Jenny only had a handful of appearances after season four, as Taylor chose to focus on her musical career with The Pretty Reckless.

Gossip Girl was voiced by Kristen Bell Who went on to provide the voice for Anna in Disney's hit Frozen. The two actresses appear to be auditioning for a film adaptation of Dan's novel. So meta. So Vanessa actually appears in Carrie Bradshaw's '80s kitchen. Penn Badgley was genuinely named after Penn, the tennis ball company Better than being named after an actual pen, we guess. He was about to give up on acting when he was finally offered the role of Dan Humphrey He turned down the role twice, and had to be convinced into taking it by producer Stephanie Savage.

Serena, Blair and Dan are the only characters to appear in every single episode of the show All of 'em. The title of every episode is based around a reference to a film, book or TV show Leighton Meester dated Sebastian Stan, who played frat boy irritant Carter Baizen, from to It's the ultimate teen drama crossover.

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were together off-screen from to , too Blake is now married to actor Ryan Reynolds, and they've have two daughters Irnes and James. Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr who played Vanessa were also in an on-off relationship throughout the show They've since broken up, too. Why are there no Gossip Girl success stories? The US Parents Television Council described the show as 'mind-blowingly inappropriate' and 'every parent's worst nightmare' These quotes ended up in pride of place on promotional posters for Gossip Girl season two.

In , January 26th was named 'Gossip Girl Day' Michael Bloomberg, then the Mayor of New York, visited the set for the th episode, and commended the show for presenting the city in such a positive light.

Yes, that's per day. The Empire Hotel - the aptly-named first addition to Chuck's property empire - is a real New York hotel You can head to the bar and order GG themed cocktails. Instagram eugegarcialopez In New York? You can go on a Gossip Girl location tour The author of the Gossip Girl book series, Cecily von Ziegesar, approved of the on-screen versions of all of her characters - except for Vanessa In her novels, Vanessa only wears black and is completely bald.

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