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Edit Callie grew up in southern Florida. She was one of two daughters in a wealthy family, grey anatomy 3x25 online dating fact she doesn't like to share with significant others. She has stated that "four years of high school, four years of college, four years of medical school" makes doctors socially inept at times. She has described herself as "a total freak," and "I'm that girl in the back of the class who eats her hair. Callie attended her high school prom by herself because she didn't grey anatomy 3x25 online dating to wait for "a stupid boy" to ask her out. She picked curse of ratilla online dating the sexiest dress, which was red. She made a fashionably late entrance and began to dance.

MASM: Música y canciones de Anatomía de Grey - 3ª Temporada (Music Songs Grey's Anatomy Season 3)

When George came over to them, they greeted him exuberantly, while they only greeted her shortly. The following day, Meredith was on Callie's service and seemed to like her a little more. She asked Callie if she could ask something about bone cancer in her dog, but Callie turned her down. George later told her that he got why she asked her, as Doc really meant a lot to Meredith. Callie was surprised George defended her as Meredith really hurt him, but George said it was normal for him to forgive her as they were family, and he suggested Callie did the same.

So she paged Meredith to a room to show her scans of a human with bone cancer, and explained some more to her about the disease. Meredith honestly thanked Callie for that. Later that day, Callie told George that she loved him, when suddenly Izzie came in, saying she really needed George's help. George left with Izzie, saying he'd call Callie. Therefore, she said no when he asked her to go to the prom with him.

Later that day, when he saw her in a dress, he was surprised because he thought she wasn't going to the prom, but she said that she didn't want to go with him, because he avoided her after she said that she loved him. Callie wanted him to say that he loved her to prove that he wasn't avoiding her, but George said if he told her that, it was only because she wanted him to, and not because he really meant it.

They kissed to make up. A nurse asked Callie to go find Meredith because there was something going on with Izzie. She walked in on Meredith and Derek, who just had sex. Callie was in the room where the other interns discovered that Izzie was lying in bed with a deceased Denny. When Meredith let her in, Callie assured her that she wouldn't say anything about Meredith having sex with Derek, saying she wasn't that kind of person.

Because of that, Meredith opened up to Callie about things that she doesn't tell everyone. While Callie was cooking, Meredith told her that she had no idea what to say to Izzie, who was lying on the bathroom floor.

When Meredith left the kitchen because Finn Dandridge, Meredith's boyfriend came to visit, Callie told him that doctors are just socially retarded.

She said that she was in love with a guy and cooking in his kitchen, hoping for him to come home and notice her. They ate together, but Callie left when Meredith came back, so that Finn and Meredith could have a conversation. When George finally came home that night, Callie hugged him and told him that she really, really loved him. George was later asking how it was possible that her panties were up on the bulletin board, and he questioned if it really were hers, as he had never seen them before.

When Meredith came to tell her that she would tell the truth to George about the panties, Callie told her not to because she liked the fact that he was jealous.

Before having given a proper answer, Bailey interfered, saying that she outranked him, as she was a resident. Later that day, while she was dancing in her underwear, Richard discovered that she had been living in the hospital basement. He stayed there to talk with her over a cup of coffee, but he had to throw her out, as living in the hospital was against the rules.

While they were talking, George came in, saying that he was jealous and didn't want other guys to touch her panties. He then noticed that the Chief was there, and left awkwardly.

Callie then packed all her stuff and said to George, who had been lying on a bench in front of the hospital ever since he left the hospital, that it weren't her panties. She also told him that the jealousy was insanely hot. George then noticed her suitcase and proposed to move in with him at Meredith's. When she asked for a key, George said it wasn't necessary because he liked leaving the hospital together.

During an argument over a patient's surgery, George said that everything went to fast and that he wasn't ready for her to move in. She then moved out and checked into a luxurious hotel. He said that he missed her, which charmed Callie. When they crossed each other in the hospital, she invited him to come over to her hotel room and have dinner there.

However, in the evening, George told her that he had to go home because there was something going on with Izzie. She then questioned his feelings for her, and it turned that he didn't even know what he was feeling himself. Callie then told him not to even bother trying to figure it out, and broke up with him.

She went to Joe's bar and met Mark Sloan. Mark asked what she'd heard about him, and she replied that most things involved the words "dirty" and "bad". Callie then left the bar to go to her hotel, and asked him to come with her. She was still lying in bed with Mark and didn't answer her phone.

That day at work, Callie avoided George. She confessed to Meredith that she slept with another guy, and Meredith told her that she broke up with Finn, asking whether she should tell Derek or not.

That night, George came over to her hotel room with DVDs and fried chicken. She didn't let him in, saying that she broke up with him, even though he hadn't noticed that she did. He did continue to talk to her though, even though she initially didn't answer. While metaphorically saying that he was ready to commit to her, Callie walked away because he metaphorically called her a pig.

However, when Mark proposed to cheer her up again, she declinded, and later went to apologize to George for being rude to him. She said not to chase after her anymore, unless he was ready to catch her. Addison and Callie worked together on a case that day, starting off their friendship.

Their patient was a pregnant woman whose baby died in the womb, which really saddened Addison. Callie consoled her, and they became even closer when they both confessed having slept with Mark and regretting it.

Addison asked to go and have a drink together, but Callie got paged. Later that evening, Callie had to tell George that his father was in the hospital.

She stayed in the room to talk with George's brothers, but George asked her to have a little chat. He told her that she shouldn't talk to his family as she broke up with him. While watching a surgery, Bailey, Addison and Callie had a conversation about motherhood. Callie said she wanted a dozen of them and she'd use a nanny to raise them, as she wasn't willing to give up the scalpel.

During the conversation, Callie realized she wasn't ready to move on. They didn't understand the doctor talk, and Callie came in and explained it to them in car terms.

George didn't understand why she'd care about his father, as they broke up. Callie said that she still cared about him, but George walked away, sarcastically saying that that was the reason why she slept with Mark. Callie then thought that Meredith told George about this and went looking for her to kick her ass. However, Meredith said that Callie only told her that she slept with someone, and that she didn't know it was Sloan until George told him. Callie said that George thought that she cheated on him, but that he didn't know that she slept with Sloan while they were broken up.

She then left the intern locker room to go look for George to tell him that. She found him in the staircase. She told him that she slept with Mark while they were broken up and that she'd never betray him, but George said that he didn't have time for this. George quickly left when she entered the room. Callie stayed in his room and they had a nice conversation. George later entered the room again, and Callie told him she'd go. Harold told his son that he didn't recognize him, as he was constantly picking fights and asked him why he was so mad at Dr.

They both wanted to go, but George's father told them to stay. Callie then listened to Harold's speech on how angry George had become. At the end of the day, Callie once again asked George how his father was doing, and George replied friendly, seeming to have let go of his anger towards Callie. She wanted him to confess that he was scared, and tried to stare him down like Bailey taught her, and which previously worked on Dr.

George said that he was only scared of her because of the staring. After George's dad came out of surgery, Callie went to his room to ask how he was doing.

In there, George was staring at his dad's bag with pee. His family members thought he was acting even weirder than usual, but George said to Callie that there was cc of pee in 4 hours, which indicated that his kidney function was good, and they both started cheering and dancing together.

While dancing, George kissed her and thanked her. Addison wasn't paying attention, and when Callie made a comment on that, Addison told her that she aborted Mark's baby 8 months ago.

She said she told Mark, who marked the due date on the calendar, and the due date was that day. Addison confessed to her that she felt like she ended up alone.

While performing a major surgery, Callie noticed that both George and Meredith left after having been paged, and she realized something was wrong with George's dad. She left the OR.

She went to a conference room where Bailey was explaining to the O'Malleys that she had to do a complicated procedure on Harold. Callie was looking through the window, but George nodded to make her come in. Bailey told them that they needed to prepare themselves in case the procedure failed.

Later that day, Callie looked at Mark, who then realized that Addison told her about the abortion. He asked her if he'd be a terrible father. After some questions about family, Callie said that to some men, family is the most important thing in their life.

Mark then asked her if she knew a guy like that, and she said she did, clearly talking about George. At the end of the day, George's father died. When Izzie knocked on his door with muffins, Callie opened the door and left the room. She put Izzie on "Georgewatch" and left Meredith's house. At the hospital, Cristina worked together with Callie. When Callie told her about George's appetite, Cristina said she shouldn't talk to her about it as they weren't friends. Callie said she thought Cristina would be at least a bit concerned.

When George walked into her with Izzie, Callie urged Izzie to do something and quickly left. While scrubbing in for a surgery on their patient, Cristina called Callie's work on their patient impressive.

They then talked about how they both hadn't talked for a long time with their partners. At the end of the day, George came to Callie's hotel room to have sex again, but Callie told him she couldn't have sex anymore. George then told her how he had been feeling since his father's death. He then told her that watching her made him feel better, so that they didn't have to have sex as watching her from across the room was fine too.

He then kneeled in front of her and proposed. They went to the clinic, where Richard, Mark, Bailey, Cristina, Alex and Izzie were waiting on the first patients to arrive, to tell them about it. Everyone was surprised, except for Alex.

They were eventually found out by Cristina, who let them off with a warning. When Sadie told her that Meredith thought she was a priss, Lexie suggested that they perform an appendectomy on Steve , who disapproved, but Sadie volunteered to take his place. However, the operation went wrong and she went to Meredith for help. After being discovered by the Chief , she and all the involved interns were put on probation by their residents and banned from surgeries.

Falling in Love with George Edit Lexie and George Lexie met George during the end of his first year as an intern, [2] and kept it a secret when she found out that George failed his intern exam and had to repeat his intern year.

They became good friends and even rented an apartment together. Lexie, however, began to see George as more than a friend, and while they became incredibly close, George did not see her the same way, so Lexie was constantly disappointed by George's lack of response to her signals and seeming unawareness to her feelings.

She initially asks for something more and Alex catches on and tells her that he's not that kind of guy. He tells her that he's the guy that people go to for the one-nighters and solely for the sex.

Eventually, they do have it, in Alex's room that he's living in under Meredith's roof. She catches them in the act which unnerves Alex a bit. Later on, we occasionally see the two exchange kisses from time to time and go out to Joe's. In the resident locker room, Alex is caught in a 'feud' between the sisters. He says he won't continue messing around with Lexie because he doesn't want to be a part of their quarrel. Saying that he's not taking a side by refraining from messing around with Lexie she says he clearly is.

Then, Ava comes claiming she wants to see Alex perform surgery. He finds her a pair of scrubs and allows her to sit on the observatory deck while he surgically removes a man's sternum with the help of Dr.

Hahn and Dr. Lexie meets Ava and asks if she's here for Sloan, but Ava says no, she's here for Alex. That's how she got her nickname Little Grey. Lexie came up to Mark and told him that the other interns were trying to take their mind off their so-called secret intern surgeries by having sex, but instead, she wanted to learn and asked him to teach her. Later that day, Lexie came up to his hotel room, took off her clothes and said, "Teach me". Relationship Troubles Edit Mark and Lexie's relationship started to get troubled when Sloan Riley , Mark's pregnant year-old daughter, turned up at the hospital.

Despite having a distant relationship with Sloan, Mark grew to become a caring father for his daughter. Since she was not ready to be a good mother for her baby on her own, Mark offered her to move in with him permanently so they could raise the baby together.

Lexie confronted him and told him that she was not ready to start a family and be a grandmother yet. He begged her not to make him choose between his daughter and grandson and her, because, as Lexie figured, he'd choose for his daughter and grandson.

This caused her to end the relationship with him. They hooked up that day since Alex was missing Izzie as well. The relationship did not last long, however, as Lexie soon got back together with Mark.

After Teddy broke things off with him, Callie told him that his jealousy was showing and was a sign he still loved her. He confessed his love for her and told her that she should choose him instead of Alex since he would marry her. She didn't have much of a response since Alex interrupted Mark's confession. Lexie told Alex she loved him, but Alex asked for Izzie, confused. After the shooting, Mark took care of her and told Callie that he wanted to marry Lexie, but she persuaded him not to go to Lexie and propose.

Lexie went to find Mark but found him kissing Amelia Shepherd. Even though she tried not to, Lexie went to Joe's and kissed Mark, which starts their relationship again. Starting a relationship with Jackson When Lexie broke up with Mark, she was feeling hurt and started a relationship with Jackson until he realized that she obviously still had feelings for Mark. Unwilling to wait for her, he broke up with her. Becoming Derek's Resident Edit When Meredith and Derek agreed that the solution to their relationship troubles was for Meredith to stop being on his service, Lexie took her place as his resident.

Hence, Lexie spent a significant amount of time on Derek's service. She was initially intimidated by Derek due to his exacting standards and quirks, once even asking Meredith to go "have sex with him and make him nicer. Lexie and Derek tackled a number of hopeless cases together. Suddenly, the back of the plane broke off and the plane crashed in the woods.

A piece of the plane landed on top of her, crushing her pelvis and legs.

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