How Do You Hook Up A Tanning Bed —

How Do You Hook Up A Tanning Bed

how do you hook up a tanning bed

Join Date: Oct 1 Posts: They had it connected to a remote timing manager such as T-Max. I don't think it was T-Max though as the connection on the bed is three ooo side- by-side connection points on the left side of the canopy. On how do you hook up a tanning bed hok of the canopy it has a place where there's two side-by-side []oo connection points with what appears to be a blank hole in the left most position on the canopy. This connection point is to the right of the tannning where the power cord comes out of the back of the canopy.

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The zeros stay on whether or not the bed on-off switch is turned on. I get no response when I press the "Start" or the "Time" buttons. I am using a.

On the "roll-out" balast pannel that sets below the bed there's what appears to be a black "power box" of sorts that has a blue "reset button" on it. When I press the blue button down, the bed powers up and seems to be fine except for a consistent 3 second interval humm where it sounds like it's drawing more power. I've held that button in for at most 15 seconds so far, all the while the bed "runs" but as soon as I let go of the blue "reset" button the bed powers down.

I've researched the heck out of "what could be wrong" and being a newbie to tanning beds, I was hoping someone could help me out. I've tried to describe the situation in detail to cut down on the the time it would take for someone to "understand" what the situation is on this bed.

Sorry if I was too detailed in my description. I have a digital camera and could take picturs of the "connection points" I'm describing if that would help, but I suspect you all know what I'm trying to describe. Bycast was originally made for the shoe industry, and later adopted by hook up tanning bed furniture industry.

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