How To Turn Off Chat On Facebook Messenger App —

How To Turn Off Chat On Facebook Messenger App

How to turn off chat on facebook messenger app

She's written tips and tutorials for Microsoft Office applications and other sites. Updated June 25, If you would rather not communicate in real time while logged into Facebook, you can simply turn off chat. Facebook will change your status from active to inactive. Learn how to turn off chat on Facebook for all your contacts or only those you select on a computer, on the Android app, on the iOS app, or in a mobile browser. Log into Facebook on your computer. Click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen on Svenska eskort annonser svensk knull film page in Facebook. This opens the Facebook Chat menu.

How to Appear Offline to Some People on Facebook: 12 Steps

To turn off your active chat status, scroll to the bottom of the list of chat contacts and click the gear Settings icon. Select "Turn Off Active Status. Your choice does not affect your active status on the Messenger app. You must set each device individually. You can also toggle your active status on and off from the main Messenger screen inside Facebook. To do that, click on the "Messages" icon at the top of the Facebook screen to view a list of recent messages.

Go to the bottom of this list and select "See All in Messenger. Above this list is a menu icon that resembles a wheel. Click the icon and select "Settings.

Toggle the slider to the right for active status and to the left for inactive status. It means it allows you to see and replay the messages on your current screen without opening an FB messenger app on Android. If you use this service, you do not need to go the Messenger app to reply it. This feature of Messenger seems useful for most of the users, while some do not like it.

So, this discussion is for those who do not like the Messenger Chat Heads feature of Facebook. In which, we will discuss that how to turn off the messenger chat heads on the Android device. You can even turn on or off FB messenger chat heads on your device using these steps.

Now, take a look at the discussion for turning off that feature. First of all, unlock your Android device and open the Facebook Messenger app. Then, swipe the display four times from right to left.

The procedure below are for old versions of Facebook Messenger only. Then look for Chat heads, tap it. The Chat heads option will display. Now you have the options to choose: If you still want to enable Facebook Messenger Chat heads, you can turn it on. This time, Facebook app gives you more flexible options on how you want to show your Messenger chat heads.

Another way you can use your Facebook Messenger is to use it as GPS navigational app when meeting someone. Share this article with a friend.

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