Ice Core Dating Creationism —

Ice Core Dating Creationism

Ice core dating creationism

I will Icce Ice core dating creationism these methods are not independent and open to significant reinterpretation. The Icw of the problem is the uncritical acceptance of the uniformitarian paradigm. A question of starting assumptions In my articles on ice cores, I reinterpreted the annual layers in the middle and lower portions of the GISP2 core as subannual layers, based on a Flood—Ice Age model, incorporating warm oceans, cooling continents and high levels of atmospheric particulates from volcanic activity. In this scenario, annual ice layers would be on the order of metres. On corbin ky dating other hand, uniformitarians start with an assumption of great age, generally stable conditions and Milankovitch orbital cycles to create ice ages. As a result, uniformitarians are looking Ice core dating creationism very thin annual layers on the order of centimetres and even millimetres near the bottom of the ice sheet. The resulting difference in age-interpretation is a result of the starting paradigm; the data is the same and does not speak for itself.

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