Internet Dating Safety Precautions —

Internet Dating Safety Precautions

Internet dating safety precautions

At eHarmony we have a dedicated trust and safety team who work round the clock to keep you safe from fraudsters, but there are also steps you can take to stay safe when online dating. Be smart. If every photo looks like it came straight from a modeling Internet dating safety precautions, raise that red flag. Verify further. Protect yourself.

11 Tips For Safe Online Dating, Straight From An Expert

If they are who they claim, making you feel safe and secure will be a priority for them. Tell your friends about the online relationship. Share a few details with your closest pals and ask them if they can identify any red flags. If they show concern, take that concern seriously. Be honest with yourself. The idiom is true: If you are in any way worried or suspicious about a match then we are here to help. Do not allow the person to pick you up from your home or office. Drive your own vehicle, take public transportation or have a friend or family member drop you off at the meeting place.

When dropped off, ask the person to come in for a minute and meet your Internet date. Make sure family or friends know your itinerary, and that you met your date online. Do not feel you are being intrusive. In fact, SODA suggests, "Upon arrival, verify your date's name and description using his or her driver's license. Do not discuss every detail about your business with your Internet date. Of course, the topic of "what do you do? Keep the details to a bare minimum. You must protect your business.

Internet dating scams can take on many forms. The most common forms involve developing online relationships of trust, then conning victims out of large sums of money. Mind Your Money Women involved in online dating must use discretion when discussing personal finances.

One popular swindle is to ask for money or a loan for an emergency. The Internet Crime Complaint Center, a government agency designed to investigate Internet-related criminal complaints, showed an increase in Internet crimes in its crime report.

One of the most common complaints received was online dating fraud. You would not give financial information to a total stranger--do not give it to online strangers either. Beware of employing or creating partnerships with individuals you meet via online dating services. Background Check Select an Internet dating site that screens members and conducts criminal background checks.

If that proves too expensive, do your own background check before going on the first date. Background report information can include a criminal and sex offender check, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, home value and property ownership, address history, phone numbers, relatives, associates, neighbors, marriage and divorce records.

If you already use a free e-mail account in your day-to-day life, you should make a new one. The reason for this is because e-mail addresses are often the first pieces of information people find about you on online dating sites. If you use your usual one, people may be able to search it and find things like your real name, your phone number and even your address. You would not give this information to a stranger on the subway, so do not give it to a stranger on the Internet either.

Service Choice Choose a dating site you need to pay for. Free dating sites attract more people, as they do not have to invest as much into making an account. They may even attract more unscrupulous people for the same reason. So, if you are serious about online dating you want to be around similarly-serious people, and should therefore join a site you need to pay for.

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