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The genre of the novels is mainly fantasy with a lovely shade of mystery, romance and action. Born in the month of OctoberJulie is a Japanese by origin and has written various novels as well as novellas, being best known for her work on bukott angyal online dating series. Each story of the Iron Fey series adds a significant layer to the richly created books iron king julie kagawa online dating connects various parts in a creative manner making the series a blend of simplicity and fantasy. The series revolves around a teenage girl Meghan Chase who lost the sight of her father when she was six. She learns that she is half-human and half-fairy and there her journey to gain her magical rights begins. A strange species iroon faeries, the Iron king julie kagawa online dating Fey has emerged to challenge both the winter and the summer fey, whose clashes have always been witnessed by the faery world. The human powers over technology result in the massive strength of this new breed of fey which igon the destinies of all faeries hanging in mid-air.

Iron Fey - Book Series In Order

No one spectacular by my standards, but indicative of the trends in YA at the time. His actual name, however, is Puck. Puck is playful and mischievous while Ash is broody and dark. None of the characters struck me offensively bad in any way, but none of them felt fully fleshed out. Additionally, the romance between Ash and Meghan seemed rushed. Secondly, we have the plot. Once Meghan arrives in the Nevernever, she meets up with a talking cat named Grimalkin, who helps her along her journey in finding Ethan.

A lot of stuff happens in this novel without anything actually happening. Finding Ethan. After hundreds of pages trying to guess where Ethan is, Meghan and her friends discover that a faerie called The Iron King has him…which is where my biggest problem with this novel lies.

They were made back in the Iron Age from the desire of humankind to advance its technology. Oh, that ending. That ending broke my heart. Kagawa's The Iron Daughter is simply a must for any paranormal lover who just can't resist starcrossed lovers and a plot full of devious fey waiting for their chance to achieve power. As stated by the synopsis, we find Meghan, trapped in the Kingdom of the Fairies Winter.

In the first book she didn't attract me much, but in this book she is much more clever and crafty, and definitely has matured. I felt much more comfortable reading her. In my opinion, the main theme in this book are Meghan's feelings toward Ash and vice versa. Both are from different courts summer and winter and can not be together. It is very painful is to read the actions took by Ash, and Meghan suffering.

Definitely broke my heart, and I think the author did an excellent job describing the feelings between them. The "war" between Ash and Puck was excellent.

Before, Puck did not have a chance with Meghan, but now everything has changed. While reading the first book I was quite sure that Ash was my favorite, but this book played with feeling so much that at one point I preferred Puck yes, I know, what was I thinking?

But let me tell you, he is hot! Deciding between two boys is difficult, especially when you think you're so in love and suddenly have feelings for another. I love the way the author describes the Fairies. There are not those little magical creatures, beautiful and harmless, but rather powerful beings, naughty, and more dangerous than we think. Feelings are the human's weakness, and they do not mind using them for your benefit.

Definitely, I enjoyed this book much more than I imagined. And though the end left me a little off base I didn't think something like that could happen , I liked it and left me wanting more. I have no idea what I can find in the next book, although I got some hints along the reading. Simply I can't say anything bad about The Iron Daughter, so it deserves the highest score. That happened to me with The Iron King. As soon as I had finished reading it I had wanted to read The Iron Daughter right away but as days and weeks passed by I kept putting it off until my friend bought it for me for Christmas.

The same thing didn't happen with The Iron Daughter and perhaps my experience with The Iron King had affected me in a way that prevented me from completely loving this book. But enough skepticism Julie Kagawa really is a fabulous writer because her style is so descriptive and visual that I had absolutely no problem immersing myself into her literary world and experiencing all that Meghan was going through. And not just physically or what she saw through her eyes but what she emotionally went through.

In the very first few chapters of the story we see how Meghan is coping with the ways of the Winter Court and its surviving at best.

Its tough enough being in a strange place far away from home but to be in a completely different world surrounded by beings who's natures are naturally violent and dark and its more than any sane person can bare especially a half-human girl who's father is the king of the Summer Court being forced to live in a Winter Palace. And who is not around to help her adjust, Ash the winter prince.

Because as soon as Ash brought Meghan to his chilly home he had to leave to search for signs of the Iron Fey that him and Meghan had encountered in the first book to prove to his queen of the impending threat. Unfortunately Meghan doesn't know this for most of her stay so she's understandably upset and unfortunately the Iron Fey are nowhere to be found. Of course distant true loves, homesickness, and temperamental royals are the least of Meghan's problems when the Staff of the Seasons is stolen from the Winter Court by the Iron Fey immediately causing tension between the Winter and Summer court to erupt into a full scale war.

Now Meghan and Ash have to retrieve the staff to stop the human world from becoming unbalance and prevent the NeverNever from being overtaken by the Iron Fey. This was definitely a story that had everything - dangerous quests, forbidden love, near death moments, funny lines, and I could go on and on. Yeah, maybe I couldn't completely love the story because I didn't enjoy the main characters as I did in the first book, Meghan was whiny though understandably, Ash was distant and cold but with good reason, and Puck's funny one liners didn't amuse as much the second time around but the story they told was worth the read and I will definitely be reading The Iron Queen.

Meghan, half summer faery princess, half human, made a contract with Ash, the youngest of Winter Court Princes, that if he helped her to retrieve her brother she would go with him, voluntary, to the Winter Court, where she apparently is deserted by the Winter Prince.

The plot takes place when an object is stolen within the Winter Court and as expected all eyes are turned against Meghan and the Summer Court. To prove their innocence she begins a quest to retrieve the object from the Iron Fey. As the story develops we get to see also a bit of the iron fey world, some new characters, to find out a bit about the memory Meghan lost in the 1st book, and also how Meghan powers are developing and start to perceive why she was called "the one" by the Iron King in his court.

Grim is back it wouldn't be the same without him , Puck, and non-stop action one of the best features of these books.

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