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kurosawa ikiru online dating

Pin 7 Shares "Sometimes I think of my death. I think of ceasing to be His wife is dead and his son and daughter-in-law live with him in hopes in receiving his retirement pension. Watanabe doesn't know yet that kurosawa ikiru online dating has a fatal form of stomach cancer and when he discovers this, he will realize kurosawa ikiru online dating has less than six months datin live. Ikiru ojline director Akira Kurosawa's spiritual and life-affirming masterpiece and is one of the most powerful films in the world.

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But now, there's barely a trace of his old passion and ambition. He's been worn down completely by the minutia of the bureaucratic machine and the meaningless busyness it breeds. Busy always very busy. But in fact, this man does absolutely nothing at all. Other than protecting his own spot. The best way to protect your place in this world is to do nothing at all.

Is this really what life is about? Before our friend will take this question seriously, his stomach has to get a lot worse, and he'll have to waste much, much more time. Stop giving us the runaround! What a mockery of democracy! Unfortunately for the employees the Section Chief Watanabe has taking the day off.

A lot of the employees are curious since Watanabe has never taking a day off because nothing moves unless he stamps it. One of the employees says, "One more month and he'd have broken the record of 30 years without a single absence. The next scene shows Watanabe leaving the X-Ray Lab as he waits out in the waiting room.

The patient tells Watanabe that one of the men in the waiting room has stomach cancer, because the doctor told him he had an ulcer. The doc usually says, it's just a mild ulcer, and that there's no real need to operate.

And that you can eat whatever you want as long as it's easy to digest. If that's what he tells you, you've got a year, at most. Watanabe begs the doctor to admit it's stomach cancer but he won't. After Watanabe leaves one of the nurses asks the doctor if Watanabe has a year and the doctor says, "No, I'd give him six months. What would you do if you had only six months left to live, like him? Back at his home Watanabe's son Mitsuo and his wife come home wondering why the house is completely dark.

The stranger then says, "it's suicide to drink if you have stomach cancer. It's seems you're carrying a heavy load indeed. He says, "I'd never even bought a drink with my own money. It's only now that I don't know how much longer I've got to live.

Watanabe answers "Drinking this expensive sake is like paying myself back with poison for the way I lived all these years. But embarrassingly enough, I don't even actually know how. But please put your money away. Tonight's on me. Just leave things to me. Truly fascinating, I realize it's rude to call you fascinating, but you're an extremely rare individual. I'm a half-baked fool who writes meaningless novels. You've really made me think tonight.

We humans are so careless. We only realize how beautiful life is when we chance upon death. But few of us are actually able to face death. You were a slave to your own life. Now you will become its master.

I'm telling you, it's our human duty to enjoy life. Wasting it you desecrate God's great gift. We've got to be greedy about living. We learned that greed is a vice, but that's old. Greed is a virtue. Let's go. Let us go reclaim the life you have wasted. Tonight it will be my pleasure to act as your Mephistopheles. Buying him a new white hat to celebrate his new life, they both go to gambling parlors, numerous bars, dance clubs, and the red light district and get totally obliviated.

Now, this is what I call art. It's more direct. In other words that female body gently undulating up there on stage is a juicy steak, a glass of liquor, a bottle of camphor, streptomycin, uranium She tells him she recently quit because she couldn't bare the boredom and repetitiveness of the job no longer and was looking for his home because she needs his approval to quit the civil service.

She says, "It's killing me. Each day is predictable as the last. Nothing new ever happens. Still, I put up with it for a year and a half. When Watanabe takes his young subordinate into his room to approve her paperwork, she reads his commendation award and says, "thirty years in that awful place. It kills me to think of it. He says to her,"No, no, that joke hit the nail on the head. What I mean is I was just busy and even then I was bored. She is very grateful for his gift and afterwards tells him, "I'm all dizzy!

To buy them myself, I'd have to live on sardines for lunch for three months. When she says she had a nickname for him too she says, "But I'm not going to tell, 'cause I had you all wrong. During dinner Watanabe says, "I had a truly marvelous day today. He then tells her that his son doesn't seem to care about the sacrifices he made for him over the years at his job and that's why he became a mummy.

She then says to him, "you can't blame it all on your son. Not unless he asked you to make a mummy of yourself. Parents are all the same. But it's not my fault I was born. What's the matter with you And holding hands with her in your room. I could hardly face the maid.

During that time various rumors and speculations have swirled around our Watanabe. When Watanabe arrives at her job, he has her reluctantly accept. She says, "I feel badly that you keep treating me, but I've had it up to here. Let's stop doing this. It doesn't feel right.

I've got stomach cancer. It's right here. Can you understand? No matter what I do, I've only got six months or a year left. Ever since I've known that, the way I feel about you became like I nearly drowned in a pond once when I was a child. I felt exactly the same way then. Everything seems black. No matter how I struggle and panic, there's nothing to grab hold of, except you.

I have no son. I'm all alone. My son is somewhere far, far, away. Just as my parents were when I was drowning in that pond. It hurts me even to think about him now. In other words, you're like, you seem like my family No, that's not right. You're young and you're healthy, so that's why That's why I'm envious. This old mummy envies you. Before I die, I want to live just one day like you do. Until I've done it, I can't just give up and die.

In other words I just want to do something. But it's just that, I don't know what. But you do know. She reveals that her happiness comes from her new job making toys, saying, "making them, I feel like I'm playing with every baby in Japan.

Why don't you try making something too? Suddenly that gives Watanabe an idea and his eyes widen and he says, "I know I can do something there. I just have to find the will. His son came yesterday about his pension, which means I'll finally be section chief.

This isn't just Engineering's problem. Parks and Sewage also have a responsiblity. When they tell him that's a little impossible; Watanabe says, "Not if you put your mind to it.

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