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Liu Yi Hao And Guo Xue Fu Dating

liu yi hao and guo xue fu dating

Pre-debut[ edit ] During Liu's senior year in University, he entered the " Eelin Male Liu yi hao and guo xue fu dating Search" contest which he came in 3rd place. Liu's father was highly against him entering showbiz as he was unfamiliar with the entertainment industry, but Liu pleaded with his father to give him a 2-year time period in the industry. Soon he was known for his signature curly hair which resembled the top of a broccoli head giving him the nickname "Village Chief of Broccoli Village" and quickly liu yi hao and guo xue fu dating a popular male model in demand in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, walking the runways for major fashion designers and appearing in magazines such as FHM, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar Magazine, and GQ. Acting debut[ edit ] After playing non-credited roles and starring in micro films Liu's big break came inwhen he starred in the minor supporting role as "Mei Nam" in the popular GTV drama In Time with Youplaying a high school classmate to lead actors Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen. His character was known as the handsome male student with curly hair. After recognition and success of In Time with You, Liu decided to keep the curly hair look of his character which would eventually become his signature look in the industry, and continued to play supporting roles in idol dramas, such as 's Once Upon a Love in a small cameo role and the teen comedy drama Confucius as one of the rebellious high school students. The Gila kis se karein episode 58 online dating with No Name[ edit ] It wasn't until that Liu landed his first male leading role in PTS's critically acclaimed and award nominated drama The Patisserie with No Name as "Allen" a stranded backpacker, who accidentally stumbles into a small French pastry shop while trying to is ana ivanovic dating djokovic his stolen belongings and then requesting to stay at the pastry shop by working for room and broad.

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