Makki Ka Atta In Bangalore Dating —

Makki Ka Atta In Bangalore Dating

makki ka atta in bangalore dating

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Indian basic Grocery Translations - English to Punjabi

We have a large Sikh and Punjabi community here in Kenya. I asked my friend how she makes makki di roti as the yellow cornmeal is not readily available in Mombasa.

Once I tried that and the rotis came out really back. I asked her why mine came out so back and she asked me whether I had cooked the cornmeal. No was the obvious answer and she told me that they cook the dough before patting it into a roti.

I thought it would be easier to buy the yellow cornmeal than use the white coarse maizemeal. Glad I did as the makki di roti turned out soft and we enjoyed it with saag paneer. Some leave the dough soft enough to pat it into shape or its rolled in between 2 greased plastic sheets or cling film.

I used a plastic sheet to roll the rotis out. The flour should be fine and not coarse at all. If you find that it is coarse just grind it a bit in the food processor. Another gluten free flatbread and be aware that cornmeal or maize flour is not the same as corn flour.

Corn flour or corn starch usually refers to the white fine powdery flour that is usually used as a thickener for soups, stews, gravies etc.

You cannot replace cornstarch or cornflour for the cornmeal. Though both are made from maize, they are used differently. Makki di roti is a popular Punjabi flatbread usually served with saag a pureed mixture of greens or any other curry.

Serve it with a dollop of butter or ghee. Make the flatbread plain or add chopped fresh coriander, fenugreek or grated radish with a bit of finely chopped radish green leaves. Add oil and rub into the flour. Add chopped fenugreek or coriander or grated radish and mix well.

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