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mckinley freeman dating

So what changed your mind from pursuing basketball to acting? Well, flirt hookup basketball at some point, you keep going and the next level is NBA or some high level league over seas. And the NBA, and the lottery and my phone never rang, so I either assumed that my phone was disconnected mckinley freeman dating they never wanted me, so I laughs said I could kind of focus on mckinley freeman dating other things. The acting, kind of happened, actually. I have an M. Mckinley freeman dating wonder where it can take me if I can commit myself to being good at it. Apply those same skills to any aspect of your life that you want to move forward with, you know.

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Because we definitely can see you as a Terrence! You know what, I auditioned for the role of Terrence, originally which is played by Robert C. They gave me the pages for Derek and went in there and did it really quick, spent about five minutes and then they said they wanted me to come back and read with Taylour Paige. I do a lot of cardio. I also box times a week.

That keeps me mobile and my mind fresh. You can either watch the clock or get hit with a pad. Last time when we spoke with Robert C. Riley, he told us that the two of you were into spoken word and poetry. Can you tell us more about that? But I wrote a book of poems last summer based on ten random words, from ten random people outside of Twitter.

So I took the first twenty and made a volume one and volume two, and self-published the volume one last year. And for me, this was something I used to do to inspire myself and flex that creative muscle.

The first time I went in and auditioned, it was for the role of Terrance which is played by Rob Riley. Then I went in for the call-back where I did my thing. I already have a job. When I first read the script, I thought it was a really cool set up.

When you see a role like Derek come along, what sparks your interest? But I think, as you saw in this last episode, I wanted to get in touch with the motivation behind why these kinds of things happen. So as the episodes and the season progresses, the context of why Derek behaves the way he does becomes a little bit clearer.

My thing was it would be easy to just kind of show up and represent, but with any good character in any story, a small piece of that character is in all of us. So somewhere inside all of us is somebody who wants to be recognized for what they do and do well.

To be appreciated and stuff like that. It seems at times that Derek is spiraling out of control. What is going to pull him back to being grounded? I think honesty, funny enough, is going to pull him back. So I think the thing that brings Derek back to reality are the truths in his life. His relationship with his mom. The contrast in how refreshing and honest Ahsha is juxtaposing everybody else in his life that just kind of tags along, wanting to hang out at a party or whatever.

Do you actually think that Derek sees Terrence as a friend or is he just one of his fellow ball-players? He would consider him more like a brother than a friend. Do you think Derek is in a place where he wants to curb some of his bad-boy tendencies and to be a better teammate and a better person maybe for Ahsha? How do you and Taylour work at creating that kind of chemistry so that it comes alive in a scene? I give credit to the writers because as the season progresses that relationship progresses through the episodes and the chemistry seems to get more and more intense, and with that changing relationship, we evolve as castmates.

The motivations are revealed, and you see what you need from one another, and that just becomes clearer and clear. Whose idea was this? That was just incredible. It was amazing. It was amazing to watch. I appreciate the dancers on the show, but after watching how hard these ladies work and the choreography that Michael Rooney does and then to see it all come together not only live, in person, but in context of the show is really amazing.

They are that amazing. It was. Who thinks of that?! But it worked and in string bikinis.

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