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Variant super smash bros 2 online hacked dating midwakh pipe with stem-mounted filter, above, and traditional pipe, below. A bottle of sifted dokha from a local vendor in the United Arab Emirates. A midwakh, also spelled medwakh, is a small smoking pipe of Arabian origin, in which dokha medwakh dubai online dating, a sifted Iranian tobacco product mixed with aromatic leaf and bark herbs, medwakh dubai online dating smoked. The bowl of a midwakh pipe is typically smaller than that of a traditional western tobacco pipe. It is usually loaded by dipping the bowl into a container of dokha flakes. Construction[ edit ] The pipes may be custom made, allowing the smoker to specify the dimensions and design.

Medwakh smoking more harmful than cigarettes | Health – Gulf News

Medwakh smokers are at greater risk of suffering from the risk factors of cardiovascular disease compared to those who smoke only cigarettes, a new study has revealed. The study, conducted by New York University Abu Dhabi graduate, Yazan Al Ajlouni, found that the traditional pipe, which uses a form of loose tobacco known as dokha, statistically increased the likelihood of cardiovascular disease risk factors by about four times.

While more research is needed to fully understand the hazards of medwakh, Al Ajlouni says this understanding should be warning enough. The use of medwakh is continuing to rise in the UAE, with pipe smoking being the second most common form of tobacco use among Emiratis.

Yet, not enough is known to date about its risks. A American University of Sharjah study that performed preliminary analysis to characterise the dokha used in medwakh found that various products contained 22 irritants, three known carcinogens and five central nervous system depressants. Another study by University of Sharjah researchers revealed that dokha contains higher levels of nicotine and tar in comparison to cigarettes.

It used self-reported surveys provided by Emiratis aged 18 to 50 years. Blood and urine samples were then collected from the selected participants to determine their type and level of smoking, as well as their cholesterol levels.

According to Al Ajlouni, 97 per cent of the study participants were men. Cardiovascular communities and specialists to take charge, educate and lead, to limit tobacco use and so contain this cardiovascular disease epidemic at national and regional levels.

The public at large to make every effort to reduce the risks to their heart health by quitting tobacco, avoiding its use and exposure to secondhand smoke. Governments to take all possible action to control tobacco use and raise public awareness of the link between tobacco use and heart disease.

Smoking cessation clinics in hospitals "This year's theme is heart disease and smoking which are closely linked so we decided to set up smoking cessation clinics within hospitals where patients of heart and other chronic diseases can have easy access," said Dr Wedad. The first such clinic has already been set up in Al Qasimi Hospital in Sharjah. She also said that to mark the day, the ministry will hold awareness campaigns especially on social media by putting out warning messages for the community.

Talking about use of shisha in Ramadan tents, Dr Wedad said that each emirate should implement the law strictly.

Dr Wedad also said that the ministry's idea to ask the community members to report people violating the No Tobacco Law was still being implemented. Meanwhile, the ministry has also conducted a National Health Survey on smoking among adults in the country and is awaiting the results. It is also a key risk factor in coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. It has been estimated that in the next decade, deaths from cardiovascular disease - which in the region is mostly attributable to ischaemic heart disease - will increase more significantly than in any other region of the world except Africa," he said.

Large sections of the public do not realise that tobacco is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease. Thus, on World No Tobacco Day this year, WHO aims to increase public awareness on the link between tobacco, exposure to secondhand smoke and cardiovascular disease.

The rates among youth are particularly worrying; they can reach 42 per cent among boys and 31 per cent among girls. This includes shisha which is more popular among youth than cigarettes. Shisha, smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes cause acute adverse health effects, such as heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, heart failure, arrhythmia and other cardiovascular events.

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