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Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research, Vol. The rabbits were randomly assigned to neutrofilos funcion yahoo dating four dietary treatments. Lymphocyte count of rabbits fed control diet 8. Omoikhoje et al. Leaf meal made from fodder shrubs, leguminous crops and trees are currently helping small-scale farmers in many tropical khotan fernandez dating service to boost their yields Esonu et al. Different authors have reported the nutritional values Omoikhoje et al. Some of these leaf meals have been neutrofilos funcion yahoo dating to have high crude protein content.


The body weight was taken using weighing scale Kenwood whereas linear measurements were taken with the aid of a measuring tape in the morning before feeding the animal. Each animal was gently restrained in an unforced position while taking the measurements. The description of the measurements is as follows: Ear length - measured from the tip of the ear to the junction of the ear and the skull. Length of fore and hind limb- this was measurement taken in centimeter from the shoulder and pelvic joints to the tips of the paws respectively.

Head to shoulder- measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the neck bone. Heart girth- this was determined by measuring the circumference of the chest region directly below the fore arms whereas the tail length was taken from the junction of the hip to the apex of the tail.

Data analysis. This decrease is similar to that reported by Dagbir et al. Dutta et al. It appears that different bio-active components of NLM may be responsible for depression in nutrient utilization and growth in rabbits. This is in view of the fact that all the diets adequately met the recommended nutrient requirements for a growing male rabbits Esonu, Similarly, it has been reported that odor, taste, texture and color of finished feeds influence intake in animals Arnold et al.

The live body weight and linear traits contributes significantly to the life time performance of the animal. Research on linear body measurements have been used to evaluate breed performance, predict live weight gain, and to examine reproductive performance Chineke et al. The hematological values obtained in this study [Table - 2] , however, are within the standard range recommended for clinically healthy rabbits Mitruka and Rawnsley, The The MCHC values have been shown to be the most accurate and absolute values that indicate anemic condition in animals Thompson, The MCV values observed in this study were above the normal The higher mean cell volume MCV value recorded in the present study when compared to that reported by Mitruka and Rawnsley in the temperate climate could be attributed to climate and breed differences.

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