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Otr Truck Driver Dating Truckers

otr truck driver dating truckers

Driving all of those miles without getting any time at home for a week or more can take a toll on all of their personal relationships. So, when talking about trucker dating, otr truck driver dating truckers can you maintain an over the road relationship? Open lines of communication are key to any good relationship. Download an easy to use app for your phone, such as Skype or Facetime. You could even virtually have dinner together this way. Not quite as good as being there, but so much more personal than just a phone call or otr truck driver dating truckers text. Trust is a Must Keeping your eyes on the road could have a few different meanings when dating.

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Male clean safe and fun. I love sex. I am masculine acting but submissive. If your coming through NW Georgia and want to pick me up you can text my cell I am Short brn hair, blue eyes, goatee, bubble butt. B September 29, Reply Hey guys, Newly divorced trucker wants to try something new.

Never been with a man but have wanted to try it for a long time. I dream of kneeling in front of a man and sucking his cock then being a submissive bottom. I figure it has to be fun because everyone is doing it. I would love for you to be my first time doing this. Not a pretty boy but willing to try anything you want to do.

Call me Hope my ass meets your cock soon. Wildman November 3, Reply Do you ever make it to Massachusetts? Good looking bottom here looking for good looking tops. They rarely get out of the truck so they have an extreme lack of exercise. That mixed with the crappy eating habits leads to weight gain. They sleep at different times of the day and night depending on where they are going and what time they are scheduled to deliver.

These are only very few of the things that my boyfriend complains about. Because of the this unhealthy lifestyle taking its toll, I have noticed a huge difference in him — physically, mentally and emotionally. Truckers drive through inclement weather, park in unsafe areas and are in contact with many questionable people often. Staying connected There are things you can do to feel closer to your man when he is absent.

Your number one source of staying connected to this person is through your phone so I suggest that you have unlimited minutes and love having a phone attached to your ear. I have learned to hold a phone in one hand while vacuuming, doing dishes, cooking, driving, shopping and juggling the rest of life, just to continue our relationship through the only way available.

We talk, text, email, occasionally Skype and play games with each other on our phones. The games are great. Join him If you have the opportunity, you can join him on the road for a trip every now and then. You get to be with him more and actually experience what his days and nights are like such as eating, sleeping in a truck pretty much like camping , showering in a truck stop and being in a different state every day.

I did this once and absolutely loved it! I took lots of pictures and it was just awesome to get first hand knowledge of it all. On the one and only road trip I have taken with my boyfriend, we stayed at a rest area in Kansas for the night and I was awakened by a minivan on fire and blowing up just feet away from our truck.

Now that scared the crap out of me! Stay Busy Find ways to stay busy as much as possible. The mind can play crazy tricks on you if given too much time to think. Take up a new hobby. Join a church group. Surround yourself with friends and family, or just enjoy the solitude if you prefer. Most drivers are expected to cover , miles per annum. That breaks down to around 2, miles a week, which equates to miles a day.

Think about that. There are many perks that come with a truck driver's schedule, not the least of which is a unique view of the country, as well as camaraderie among your peers. You'll mostly get to drive modern trucks with comfortable, ergonomically designed seats to help you stay alert and focused.

This is just as well, because most of your working days are spent in an 8' x 8' space, but that shouldn't confine your imagination or ambition. Truck drivers have a long history of being held in high esteem by the public.

There's even a national appreciation week! Just be forewarned that even if you're young, single, and keen to be free, it's definitely not easy to be a "professional tourist.

A good day for a truck driver is always spent on the road or on the road home. What about this occupation might appeal to you?

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