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Passionately Detached Dating

passionately detached dating

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What Dating Taught Me About Love & Detachment | Connie Chapman

Love Without Attachment To create true, deep, lasting loving relationships, you need to know that you are the source of the love that you seek. For as long as you see that person as the one who has to validate you, make you feel enough, and fill up the emptiness within you, you will be caught in a cycle of fear and need.

Love without attachment feels light, expansive, free and soft. Love without attachment is playful. Detached love allows each person to be who they are. It is free from expectations. It is the absence of need. In fact, it is the opposite. And when you show up from this beautiful space, you can then share that incredible feeling with another.

This is not about trying to be perfect, but rather being conscious and aware of your inner reserves, and knowing how to top them up when they are running low, rather than expecting another to do it for you.

The relationship simply becomes a dance. An opportunity to express the love you feel within you. You overflow on to one another. You both bring love to the table. They were open to the adventure right from the get go. They enjoyed the destination and were detached from any outcome. Let me tell you about one of my clients.

She second-guessed herself at every turn, and while she was dating good guys, she gave off a nervous and needy vibe that made them run. Once I explained dating passionately detached to her, she became more confident in herself and embraced living in the moment. Almost immediately, the second-guessing and the fear that nobody else would want her disappeared. She blossomed and went back to her natural personality, happy and carefree. Her inner radiance came out, and men noticed.

And each time, I fail at that Oops, I guess I did it again. But here's the thing I realized: All of the serious relationships and great loves I have had in my life started passionately and quickly.

There was no casual, gradual dating building up to the discussion of whether or not we wanted to be exclusive. We were just together and wanted to be together. It was a given. It happened fast and it happened organically. We both jumped in because we both just knew. Every one of my serious relationships, which have lasted anywhere from one year to five years, happened this way; not by playing games or following the "rules" or being cautious.

So, this is what I know. This is what I do. Should I beat myself up for that? Should I beat myself up for the fact that I am passionate, open, follow my intuition, and am willing to take risks, even if it means I don't follow any of the "rules? I have tried to change many things about myself for many years, including how sensitive I am and how I may invest in a man or possible relationship too quickly with unabashed passion. And guess what? I haven't been able to change them.

Certainly, I have been able to be aware of triggers, how I react to things and so forth. Those things I can change. But the other things? I think they are just me. I think they are part of my make-up. And I think in trying to change them, it causes me more damage, because all it's doing is affirming that something about who I inherently am is wrong. I am intuitive I am a healer, spiritual writer and teacher, actress My intuition is what allows me to do those things.

I rely on my intuition to make a living. So, if I feel intuitively about a man, am I just supposed to start ignoring it Am I supposed to trust my intuition in one area of my life but not the other? I get excited about things, am passionate and feel emotions very deeply But, am I supposed to allow that excitement, passion and deep feeling only in certain parts of my life?

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