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Payment Processor For Dating Site

payment processor for dating site

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Create a Dating Site: How to Choose a Payment Provider

Selecting a proper payment service provider is one of the most important things to consider when you create a dating site. Think about your audience Do a research. What are the preferences of your audience? Depending upon whether you are going local or global, support of different currencies and countries may be important.

Some payment providers offer limited coverage, so pay close attention to that. You may wish to be able to accept cash as well. Watch out for hidden fees Setup, monthly, and transaction fees are the most important charges to consider. However, there usually are more fees associated with a payment gateway.

The lowest bidder may not always be the best choice. Read the service terms and conditions carefully. Check for fees related to cancellations and withdrawals. Ensure fraud protection Find a payment processor that will defend your transactions by default and work with you to minimize the consequences of fraudulent activity, or better yet — take all possible measures to prevent fraud.

All gateways should include data encryption. Also preferable is CVV2 verification. Read content and privacy policies Dating is a sensitive area. If your service is more adult oriented, make sure your payment provider will allow that and not ban your account instead. This most significant advantage of payment gateways is the security they offer your eCommerce store, which in turns ensures that your customers can buy with confidence.

When it comes to cyber attacks, eCommerce is a highly vulnerable industry due to the sensitive information exchanged on websites. In fact, What a payment gateway does is takes care of all the security-related aspects of the transaction and makes sure that the funds get to their destination safely without anything leaking along the way. The gateway encrypts all data and sends it via SSL. Then, it works with the payment processor to determine whether the payment is legitimate.

Easy integration: Shopify , for example, integrates with over payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize. Net and 2checkout among others. They also have their own out-the-box payment system which is powered by Stripe, avoiding the hassle of you having to sign up for a third-party gateway.

Amazon Payments is also a fantastic addition to your eCommerce store, as it automatically pulls payment and shipping information that is stored in Amazon, therefore speeding up the checkout process and increasing your conversion rates. The great thing about selling online is that you don't have to be present in front of your computer when sales take place.

This all works basically on autopilot — but you know all that already. The story is similar with payment gateways. They do work round the clock and can process a customer's payment no matter the hour they make the purchase. Multiple payment options available: At the base level, your payment gateway should accept both debit card and credit card transactions.

However, you may want to look for something more sophisticated that can support PayPal payments, as well as gift vouchers and perhaps other methods. Works with multiple currencies: If you have plans to sell to customers overseas then it's worthwhile to consider a gateway that supports and accepts foreign currencies.

However, it's worth noting that these transactions can cost you more than payments in your own country. Insightful reporting: Payment gateways can offer you reporting in real time, so you can gather insights on how your business is doing, right up to the minute. This is great when you want to see how a given promotion of yours has turned out or what you can do to increase seasonal sales.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg; good reports are invaluable in themselves! The cost of using payment gateways Unfortunately, the cost is the most complicated aspect of using a payment gateway. Basically, there's no single price tag. Instead, you usually have to deal with a number of smaller fees connected to different parts of how the payment gateway functions. Most commonly, there are three components of the final price tag: If you haven't picked your eCommerce platform yet then look for ones that already have an integrated payment gateway, such as Shopify.

Transaction fees — those are two-fold. Just to make it clear, you have to pay both the fixed fee and the percentage of the transaction. Most gateways offer discounts based on the volume of sales you're getting.

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