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Pokemon Dating Sim X And Y Intercept

pokemon dating sim x and y intercept

All 6 Pokemon generations ranked best to worst Eric Abent - Oct 14,3: Generation four pokemon dating sim x and y intercept saw the release of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, which are undoubtedly the best Pokemon games released to date. If you were to ask me to make a list the games I consider to sabrina carpenter and corey fogelmanis dating perfect, Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold would be at or at least near the top of it. The only thing wrong with these games are their cringe-inducing names. Generation 6 With the latest generation, Pokemon makes its way to the 3DS, and though it experiences some growing pains in the process, the end result is still successful.

In Defense of Pokémon X and Y, Five Years Later

Known bugs: After saving your game, you have to start a new game and then load your saved progress. Loading from the main screen will cause an error.

It has been exactly a year since I've started documenting this projects and judging from the idea thread a little bit more since the idea came to me out of boredom.

It is written in Ren'Py and Python , where Ren'Py is a visual novel engine written in Python itself, thus the high compatibility. Besides some minor things, the game is a pretty standart Dating Sim, so you build up your stats and conform the girls to get them to like you.

And I programmed it: As a programmer, my goal was to keep the programming as general as possible, so that it is extendable. I did good. Except for the fact that I won't at this point of time, because there are sure some bugs left AND two, three code designing decisions have to be changed.

Up to now, we have 3 dateable girls, which are Misty , Sapphire and Cynthia. Now the magic: As soon as I have both, she'll be added.

However, there is one restriction. It would be stupid if two people would do the same things for a character independent of each other, so that one who claims a part first, get this one. I'm also going to make a vector tutorial within the next month because despite the tracing itself it easy I have to make sure people trace the girls in a way we can easily change details.

Meanwhile I've learned my way of tracing is probably not the way everybody would go on a first try. See also. By the way, battling is of course possible, but it is not the main component and by now it is only a coin toss. As I mentioned, I'm the programmer and the organisator. Nevertheless I did it because nobody else did, so I guess I'm not the usual guy who says "organisator" when he means "I say things and you all do them!!

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