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Rhobh Taylor Dating A Married

rhobh taylor dating a married

August 26, It's time for wedding bells in Beverly Hills! Love is in the air! The reality star's boyfriend put a ring on it while the two were vacationing in Mexico last week. The happy news comes two years after sadder times when her estranged carbon dating accuracy flaws committed rhobh taylor dating a married, leaving her a single mother with debt and a mountain of legal issues. While Taylor marrried called herself a "train wreck" following the harrowing events, she's now "happier than ever" with John Bluher. If that's how she felt before the engagement, we rhobh taylor dating a married only imagine how ecstatic she must be now. The couple began dating a year ago, as Rhobhh told E!

Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher Are Married! | E! News France

Taylor has maintained that she is not dating anyone and still recovering from the tragic passing of her late husband, Russell Armstrong. Several photos have emerged of her with the man, and many witnesses have spoken out claiming they saw Taylor having intimate albeit drunken evenings with said unknown man — who interestingly bears a resemblance to Russell!

So who is this mystery man? RadarOnline can now exclusively reveal that the man is John Bluher, a year-old very married attorney who is helping Taylor combat her lawsuit from MMRGlobal. And just how is Taylor paying for his services? John is handling everything pro bono according to sources. And John is not just involved with Taylor from a legal perspective — they are also allegedly having an affair! Oh, John… run, run, run!

Apparently they started getting romantic while Taylor was promoting her new novel memoir. John is still technically married, even though he no longer lives with his wife in Colorado and spends the majority of his time with Taylor in Southern California now.

Photos of Taylor and John are below! Doing this for abuse victims not doubters. You will never have to prove it to me! Yeah… this is definitely for the doubters and for the undoubted payout she will likely be getting from said major media outlet. Reality Tea will keep you posted on that story. Rumor has it that the extremely boastful wannabe Housewife will not be returning for a second season! Um… is anyone surprised by this news?

For once, I agree! The husbands got more air time than she did! As hard as it is to imagine after the longest season of a housewives series ever, there is still more cray-cray to unleash! Taylor and John leaving dinner together in NYC where she was promoting her memoir. All that changed on the night of her 40th birthday in June when Russell punched Taylor in the face and she ended up in hospital with a damaged eye socket and shocking facial injuries.

After Taylor had to comfort her distressed daughter while still covered in bruises in a hospital bed she knew that enough was enough, and she filed for divorce in July Meetings with attorneys to discuss the upcoming divorce and custody of their daughter began to take place and the couple both spoke about their failed marriage to the press.

In he had been arrested after assaulting his first wife Barbara, which resulted in him being placed on probation for three years and ordered to attend anger management sessions for a year, but the counselling did nothing to curb his aggressive nature, and the violence continued into his marriage with Taylor.

It emerged that even though he and Taylor had appeared confortable financially to the public, in reality they had been living beyond their means for years, and financial diasaster was never far away. In August Russell failed to show up for a meeting Taylor had arranged to discuss custody arrangements for their daughter, and Taylor drove to the friends house he was staying at in Mulholland Drive. It was there that she found the body of her estranged husband, in a fit of despair Russell had hanged himself without leaving a suicide note.

She has remained a major promoter of the work of the organization ever since by holding fund raising events, promoting their work on TV, including on Entertainment Tonight, and she even created a customized bracelet made by highly regarded crystal jewelry designer ZenJewelz by Zenjen with all proceeds from sales going to the charity.

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