Simple Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Asian Dating —

Simple Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Asian Dating

simple eye makeup tutorial for beginners asian dating

The talk makwup Asian eyes is not new. On the contrary, it dates back centuries. People use to makeyp Asian eyes as nuts particularly rencontre femme kurde. They are quite specific, but also very beautiful. Two main characteristics of the Asian or almond eyes are eyelids and epicanthic folds. The simple eye makeup tutorial for beginners asian dating fold represents the skin on the upper lid, near the inner corner of the eye. These two things are the main reason why Asian women have trouble when doing their makeup.

Quick and easy Korean makeup tutorial for beginners ( edition)

A great combo that Asian women can absolutely dominate. The monolid has to be lifted to get the eye shadow to coat the entire area of eyelid to prevent spots when you later are at the party and raise your eyebrows or blink.

The trick is to not go to far about the top lash line. The further up you apply the purple eye shadow, the more drastic the look. And the bottle gets clumpy after a few uses or dries out before I get halfway through the bottle.

False eyelashes are also really popular among Asian women because they tend to have thinner lashes. They definitely make your eyes look bigger which every girls wants. As I mentioned above, I think single lid Asian women can pull off a few looks better than anyone else. This cat eye makeup tutorial looks amazing on a moonlid and the images show you exactly how to blend your eye shadow to make the accented liner really stand out.

Overall, my research has shown that yellow foundations work the best for Asian skin as a rule. Obviously there are exceptions but this is one that you should start with if you need a place to begin. The other consideration with foundation is the type of skin you have.

Do you have T zone oily skin combination skin or do you have dry skin that needs moisture? Almost all brands have a yellow based foundation in their arsenal so the trick is to find the brand that has a yellow base that also has the right moisture or matte levels to match the oil levels or acne levels of your skin.

If you have breakouts and acne scarring, you might need to consider something with a little bit of pink in it to help conceal the blemishes. The way that she goes about doing her eye shadow accents her eyes perfectly. I think one of the reasons that smokey eyes look great on Asian women is that their skin is generally lighter and more fair, so the smokey look stands out more.

Raychel Wade In this tutorial, instead of black, she goes with a brown look for her smoky eye which I think is really interesting and works well for a slighter darker Asian skin tone.

She packs on a ton of shadow at the lash line and then blends upwards. Simple and Quick! It can take a few tries to get it right, but this tutorial will introduce you to great tips and tricks to get the perfect, flattering eyeliner shape for your eyes.

Not only will it enhance your eyes, it will also make your lashes appear fuller. How To: And she takes you through the exact steps to perfect the look. In Depth Makeup Tutorial for Beginners!

Everything is so affordable and she really nails the techniques for people who are just starting out with makeup application. She covers everything from properly powdering your face to shaping and filling your eyebrows to perfecting winged liner, so you can take and leave what you want.

She makes it easy to follow along and leaves you with a really pretty look. Easy Eyebrow Tutorial mayratouchofglam Having full, luscious eyebrows has never been so glam. Many women fill in their eyebrows on the daily to make them look more enhanced, and this tutorial makes it simple.

She takes you through a technique that is simple and goes on smoothly every time. She gives you tips on holding your brush, maintaining your brows, and setting your primer with a powder such as Buttercup flash-friendly, camera-ready face powder.

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