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Speed Dating Worksheet

speed dating worksheet

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Speed dating - ESL worksheet by TheSilentMan

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I attempt to have most of the books approximately the same length, in order to avoid students choosing based on length. Try to provide books per student per table. If you anticipate four students at a table, there should be books total on the tables. This is a great opportunity to spotlight books that are not easy to promote through booktalks, but are still great reads.

When students examine these books more closely, they often decide to give them a try—and discover how good they are! Have plenty of preselected books on a cart nearby for replenishing between periods.

I have found this to be the most difficult part of the activity. Neatening messy tables and balancing the book selection on the tables in a few minutes between classes can be challenging. On this table put several exciting, appealing books face down. Before the students begin the activity, warn them that if they are not able to select a book from all the dates on the tables, they will need to choose one from the blind date table.

Although very few students will need to use this option, it encourages those reluctant readers who never seem to be happy with the selection to make an informed choice! Set up a timer for the dates. Most of our sessions are between three and five minutes long, depending on the attention span of the students.

When students come in, I have them stand in a group away from the tables and begin by asking who is familiar with speed dating sometimes, even freshmen have done speed dating! I give a short explanation, then tell them that, although it might surprise them, choosing a book is really a lot like choosing someone to date. When choosing a book, the first thing we notice is the cover. We want a person to have something in common with us, and we want a date to be interesting. Similarly, we want a book to be interesting, and often we want to read about subjects or settings that are familiar to us.

Point out the table numbers and the rotation during the dating. Explain the worksheet. I also let them know that they may even date more than one book at a time I do point out that this is not a good idea with people. They should, however, focus on one book, even if they collect more books along the way. I ask the girls to have a seat first, spacing them out so that there are no more than two per table.

Then I let the boys fill in the other seats. This is to ensure that there is an adequate variety of books that will appeal to both genders at each table.

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