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Tinder Date From Hell

tinder date from hell

Found on AskReddit. She pulls gell a fucking steak knife and tells me I Dating profile username tips stay. She gives me her number, we text a bit and we set up a day to go hang out at a park. The park was tinder date from hell to my house so I ended up walking and there she is with one of her friends. Right away I notice that they are both high off of something.

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Those were the most stressful days of my life.. But finally I broke and called her bluff. In the end, I got a Japanese speaking friend of mine to contact that emergency responders and they saved her life.

She cut so deep on her left hand that she never recovered function of it. She is now disabled and had to move in with her parents and has no future prospects. Those 6 gyoza and my one date ruined her life. It was a blind date—and she was actually blind.

Shortly after, another girl comes by and says hello, apparently they are friends. A little strange, but no big deal, maybe just a coincidence. A few minutes later her phone beeps, and she picks it up and puts it like 1 inch from her face. She then tells me thats she is legally blind. The Ski Slope Shitter. Do I pick the poor boring guy I accidentally followed home? Mild Salsa Brian?

The shart incident? The worst overall was probably The Ski Slope Shitter. Children in tow, I got to watch him ski jump sleeveless with beer in hand, which was mildly impressive, but should have been the end of the encounter. I never contacted him again, but for months afterwards he sent me pictures of myself from the day that I was unaware he had taken. I bought whippets for my heroin addict date, then went to visit her boyfriend in rehab.

I was desperate at the time so when the opportunity arose I jumped on it. Oh, and she does still smoke weed and wants to go to a head shop. Well, since we were heading downtown anyway, and because I always like to impress, I decided to take her to the fanciest head shop in town, a place where only the most esteemed stoners shop.

He walks almost up to Cassidy before she notices him, then she jumps up and gives him a big hug and kiss. We all go outside where the two of them start to smoke Camels, and I proceed to watch this dude become more and more tense as his girlfriend sits closer to me than to him and engages both of us with the same flirty familiarity.

TL;DR bought whippets for my heroin addict date, then went to visit her boyfriend in rehab. She had a full-on chin beard and the personality of a wet dishcloth. Before meeting she seemed sound: Went to meet her and she was insanely overweight, literally had a full-on chin beard and the personality of a wet dishcloth.

Literally just let her buy me a drink for the inconvenience and then told her I had to leave. We flirted for a few weeks, texting and calling, till I had a free day and we went to brunch. Brunch was tasty, and we seemed to be hitting it off, until midway through the meal. And I thought this guy was handsome; I found him attractive.

Not marriage or something, necessarily, but also explicitly not just meeting for sex or whatnot. And so his response was especially odd. Like a toddler. This man is a something professional. I laughed in his face and went home. But I actually cried when I got there, a little, not so much because of the particulars but because when I was 20 I sometimes let myself get bullied into sex, just to shut people like that up.

But then I cheered up a little, since my only response now was to laugh and leave. Touching off me. He keeps joking about marrying me and grabbing my arms while not breaking eye contact. It was all too intense. The date went really well and I thought we got on well, there was a spark there. However, my date told me the next day that he was moving to Chicago for the summer so we said goodbye.

I saw him in Workmans about five weeks later cuddling up to someone else. She cried after two glasses of wine. I felt bad for her but I got the feeling I was more of a roommate prospect than a date.

He asked me if I wanted to go to a wedding with him the next month. We had only been speaking on Tinder for about two weeks. I said no.

It was only about 6pm, we met after work. I got the feeling she hated me but kept texting me for weeks after with no reply. No idea. When I told him I was studying politics he started telling me all of his bad political opinions and never let me get a word in.

I must have gone about ten minutes without so much as uttering a word at one point.

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