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Heeven launched an international campaign to free the bunny. I say: I raise rabbitsand can say without hesitation, that the only reason you have done thisis for yourself, and now this poor creature will pay for it for the restof her life. She needs to go to a good home that can properly care forher, and whatever problems she may develop. Which by the way will be totallyyour fault.

If anyone is interested email me andI will send it to you! Save the bunnies! Let meknow if one becomes available! You shouldn'tbe wasting your time on how to make a rabbit glow.

We've got bigger thinggoing on these days. You may concider on creating something more useful Reading through the comments listedin the Alba Guestbook has shown me the range of opinions concerning transgenicanimals. However, I feel that a large proportion of the respondents haven'tbeen thinking about the issues surrounding Alba in the manner that Kacwas hoping. The philosophical, cultural and social implications of geneticengineering merit in depth discourse, and transgenic art may very wellbe the right medium to bring those issues into the public sphere.

However,a large proportion of the responses, as well as some of the comments Ihave come across in the media, indicate a rather shallow interpretationof Alba as artwork. I am curious to know if, a couple years after the majormedia coverage, Mr. Kac feels that his project was successful, that Albahelped to stimulate dialogue, and that at least some people have actuallystarted to consider the implications of genetic engineering being usedin our society.

USA - Monday, March 10, at DE - Monday, March 10, at Pleaselet Alba go home so she may live the remainder of her life as a loved memberof her family rather than simply a lab animal. Where is she now? Is itpossible to receive her apperance at my school? I would also be intersted in if the jelly fish dna that makes it glow wouldor could ever be spliced in to a humans dna.

I suppose if all goes well they will be available for 20 bucksa pop your local feed store for any idiot to take home and neglect.

Furthermore,the bunny can't "go home" folks. They have to make sure the bunny doesn'tself-destruct from having it's genetics messed with. I think it's pervertedto call such a thing art. Erin K. Myname is Nazli Batirbaygil. For sometime I am thinking designing a lighting fixture who doesn'tneed neither electrical energie nor solar energie.

Finaly I discoveredvia internet this bioluminescent life. Than when I saw your art work "eightday" I realy loved it. I wonder how does it work? I wonder also if it'spossible to develop a lighting fixture that we can use in our homes? Iknow that it is possible toproduce this bioluminescence syntheticaly butI don't know in which conditions does it work.

If you can help me a littleI will be happy. Thank you for your interest. It would be greatto have a glowing bunny as a pet. I hope you win the battle! Alba's body has been found Time of death: He deserves to live out the rest of his lifewith a happy family. It's just enzymes n' proteins, yup! That's a quite funnysituation. Questo quasi 35 anni fa, ma melo ricordo ancora Kac if you read this I thinkyou should keep fighting for Alba, I'm writing a school paper on her andI've began to love her and I haven't even seen her so I can only imaginehow much you love her so DON'T give up and keep fighting for her!

When I firstreached the website, I was unimpressed and really quite disgusted. Thethought of using cloning in more mediums just makes me sick due to theprospective destruction it may cause on a larger scale in our future. Butthe way in which Kac talks about his bunny and the love he conveys in hiswritings and articles makes me rethink. The fact is that the bunny wascreated. There is no turning back, and to now keep Alba from his creator,his life-giver and most importantly his father, is like adding up two wrongsand expecting to somehow manipulate the equation into making a right.

Let her enjoy the life that was given to her. No more light bulbs! Take them to the wild and set themfree. Understand what mankind has really accomplished Arthur I. Perhaps my familycould borrow Alba for a little inter-breeding program.

I like the ideaof a glow-in-the-dark target. Keep up the good work! This is just absolutely strange and unusual and I for one can't seem tofind a single positive outcome of this. Stop this mad scientist nonsenceright away. Leave our animals alone if you are not going to help them inany way!! A All those not in favor I haveheard that the GFP bunny is a photosynthetic rabbit. Is this true becauseI did not think something like that would be possible!

If this is true,what would be the appropriate term to describe its mode of nutrition? Iask because i'm sure it's different from other rabbits. If genetic engineers managed to producea photosynthetic rabbit, it might look something like Alba below. If such an organism were created, what does your group thinkwould be the appropriate term to describe its mode of nutrition?

In fact,Alba does exist. Alba is only green under fluorescent light asshe was engineered to express the jellyfish green fluorescent protein.

She is part of Kac's esplorations into transgenic art. I am very interested in this creation of yours. I was wondering ifyou could answer the question given above and give me more detail aboutit. Thank you very much. USA - Tuesday, October 22, at Keep your mouth shut and getback to work in your McDonald's restaurant.

Do we have to fight you on the beaches and teach you again? It's a realy good website. The French are, believe it or not, asintelligent and responsible as you! And this means, amazingly, that theyare equally capable, if not more so, of providing Alba with a decent placeto nibble carrots!

I know that it is difficult for you American homeboys-- and girls -- to appreciate the fact that the Excited States are notthe only example of a first-world country with modern technology or atleast technology capable of sustaining a rabbit, albeit a green one andresponsible citizens.

I would invite you to dwell for a bit on who hasstarted this whole media circus and attention-grabbing frenzy -- the French,or Mr. Following on from that, which of the two parties do YOUthink will be most likely, should he get his grubby hands on her, to useAlba for much media exploitation?

I rest my case. Quod erat demonstratum. Latin for "I'm cool, you suck. If we don't see a problem with people keeping completelycommon bunnies as pets, then we should just be thrilled that he wants tomake it a pet and give it a loving home instead of dissecting its littlefuzzy bunny parts.

Let her come home fer crips sake! It represents the evil capitalist running dog Americans demandingconstant capitulation from the weak-willie Europeans, who have finallydiscovered their pig-dog spines and told Yankee-doodle Kac where to stickhis infidel hotdog.

There will come a day when green rabbits will rulethe world with fire and ice, and devil-spawn satans like Kac will burnforever in big tubs of margarine in hell. Long live the shirt-head ae-rabrevolution!!! A very very mad mad man, to a very very stupid American conartist. Ahartplaece, Bad Libya - Monday, October 07, at Isit becausehe's a rodent? This is the worst case of speciesism ive everseen.

A Kantian fluorescent bunny. Life is indeedsynthetic,not analytic, and not just about rhetoric, epistimology, butethics andbunnies living prolifically.

Clay Gal "William S. Don t hold back, free alba, free lacraia,go lacraiam gom don t cry lacraia go! Por favorm more transgenetism, please! Transgenetisms, Alba I love, I love lacraia, and lacraia loves alba. Dont hold back, go for it. More moleculalism withlakraia, and Alba. Kac, I am a writer working on a book about the naturalhistoryof rabbits.

I am including a section on Alba and your transgenicart. Wouldit be possible to interview you, briefly, about Alba? Liberem Alba! My Landlord won't let us keep cats or dogs butIthink I can talk him into letting us have a black-light glowing rabbit.

Glad to see that someone has done it. Now, trysomeother fluorescent colored protein genes, breed her and them and establishnewvarieties. It's a shame that bioluminescent proteins won't work yetas theirco-factors substrates are not biosynthable yet or are toxic.

Perhaps inthe future we will be able to make bioluminescent animals, plants,etc. Bring her home!! Free Alba! That's right! I'm with you! USA - Sunday, August 25, at

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