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Unrealistic Expectations In Dating Rut

unrealistic expectations in dating rut

We've created Dating Rescue! Are you stuck in a dating rut? Fed-up with relationships that go nowhere? Tired of wasting time on partners unrealistic expectations in dating rut don't live up to your expectations? Perhaps you're afraid of getting back out in the "meet" market altogether! Well, you're not alone. And you don't have to settle for being alone.

Men Reveal Unrealistic Dating Expectations Women Have

Having realistic expectations in our relationships involves accepting that no one is perfect, accepting ourselves and our partners for who we are and what we can contribute to the relationship. Instead of looking to others to meet our needs, we must take responsibility for our own life and make necessary changes that are in our best interest. In an intimate relationship, couples often expect that their partner will know and understand all their needs and expectations without communicating.

So when our partner fails to live up to our unrealistic expectation, disappointment and unhappiness starts to creep into the relationship. It is not realistic to expect your partner to be able to read your mind and always act according to your wishes.

Good relationships are void of conflict. Conflict will arise in every type of relationship we have so it is not realistic to expect a romantic relationship to be free of conflict. Conflict can serve both negative and positive purposes. Conflict allows partners to discuss issues in the relationship, i. Conflicts, like most things in life are inevitable, as it is quite normal to have conflicts and arguments every now and then in a relationship.

Some partners erroneously believe that in order for a relationship to work, they should avoid conflict at any cost. In order for a relationship to survive it must remain the same.

All relationships must grow and adjust over time in order to be both sustainable and healthy. As we age and mature, so should our romantic relationships. By holding onto the belief that our relationships must remain the same without adapting to time, sickness, financial issues, partner changes, and other demands, we run the risk of relationship extinction.

In order for a relationship to survive we must spend most of our time together. Does he have more interests than going to the gym? Where did you study abroad? Do you have any trips coming up?

Are you close with your family? Again, easy. My internal dialogue goes a little something like this: Limit Less When you set rigid guidelines and specific characteristics that your ladylove or main man must epitomize, you effectively limit your options. Vain requirements such as hair color, body type and size of bank account only place the focus on superficial criteria rather than the gooey insides.

Okay, so perhaps removing your limits altogether would put you on the fast track to Loserville, but relaxing your restrictions might just expand your pool of potential suitors. Further, like the hemlines of yesteryear, what works now may be totally different from what you sought out years ago.

Ultimately, as you mature, your needs and wants should also evolve and change. Slow Your Roll Victim of syrupy romantic movies with happy endings and speedy courtships, you witness the new couple briskly scamper to their promising ever after.

Love at first sight — or first week — is perhaps possible, but improbable. Admitting your love for your date too soon may just scare the person away, leading him or her to believe you could jump headfirst with just anyone.

Grant the time for authentic feelings to develop, and consider that everyone has his or her own emotional clock. Keep in mind that the fictionalized fetes of romance on the silver screen exist for the aw-shucks effect rather than as a reference guide.

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