Violetta 2 Odcinek 37 Online Dating —

Violetta 2 Odcinek 37 Online Dating

violetta 2 odcinek 37 online dating

I am a soft and kind woman with a calm disposition. I love life, and I enjoy my every day. I walk through life with a wide smile on my odcinfk. I am an optimist. I am a good friend and I will always come to the rescue in a difficult moment.

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Violetta apologizes to Leon and runs off. Lara gets jealous and walks away from her date with Leon. Ludmila nags at Diego to get Violetta out of the studio. Diego tells Ludmila that Violetta's days are numbered at the studio, but she says that she's heard it before. Ludmila tells Diego that he's wasting her time and not getting the job done quick enough.

Leon goes over to Violetta's house and tells her that the relationship between him and her is over and that he's officially dating Lara. After eavesdropping on Violetta and Leon, Herman complains to Ramallo about it. Ramallo tells the truth to Herman and says that he always pushes Violetta too hard. Marotti announces that the mayor has changed his mind, and the show is back on once more. Jade forces Herman to tell Esmeralda that he got fired from the job at the restaurant.

Ludmila picks on Violetta and gets an idea in her head that Violetta lip-synced her whole show. Herman tells Violetta that he won't be able to see her show. Meanwhile, Ludmila and Diego trade threats about what they know about each other. Matias tells Jade that there are plenty other men for her out there, but she refuses and says that she wants Herman. Violetta doesn't understand how Leon can forget her so quickly.

This makes her stop singing half way through the first chorus. Diego comes in and tells Violetta that she must try to forget Leon, but she says that it's hard to forget anyone.

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