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Then, after taking a little time off, the musician, who hails from Northampton, England, retreated to her newly outfitted home studio and created what is one of the most unexpected and best albums of V V Brown recently called The Huffington Post from her home to chat about how she managed to make a concept album with so much heart, the moment she almost walked away from the music industry, why she'd never want to achieve One Direction-level fame and more. The Huffington Post: What is the secret to creating vv brown dating Tantra Massage Tallinn Extreme with a strong concept and storyline but also making it feel organic and authentic at the same time? V V Brown: The record is based on the biblical story of Samson and Delilah. I fell in love with the journey of Samson, this man who lost all his strength and was deceived by the woman vv brown dating loved vv brown dating who over time gained his strength back.

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You sung backing vocals for Madonna and the Pussycat Dolls. Are you close to Nicole Scherzinger? Not really, if I see her then I will say hello. I will. But Peckham might be a bit too rough for her! We want to make a name for ethical fashion that is a bit more trendy. With a space in Topshop we can spread the word. I love Breaking Bad. When the new series started we basically dressed up like chemistry teacher turned drug dealers to watch it. Netflix could be the cause of my career failing!

You suffered depression when living in LA, do you worry it could return? My brother having his first daughter blew my mind. You have to put things in to perspective. Now that the new album is getting so much attention, do you worry about dealing with fame?

The thing is, the kind of fame I have is quite different from One Direction. I have an admiration for them and they have an admiration for me and it's this sort of friendship, so it isn't so hysterical like the One Direction kind of fame.

If it got to a point where I felt I was living in an aquarium, which I haven't ever really had, I think that would be very, very uncomfortable, so I feel very grateful that there's a real balance between people who acknowledge or respect my work and just hysterical obsession.

I don't know why -- every time I meet or speak with someone it's just like -- like so many people on Twitter, they've actually become people that I genuinely know. What I've learned since being in the business is that you are your own best demographic.

I say that because if it feels right to you and if when you're listening to it and all the right parts in your mind, body and soul are all connecting and it just feels like you're listening to another record that you love, then I think you're onto something.

So whenever I listen to the music that we make I have to genuinely like it as if it were somebody else who just played me a song on the radio. I have to be as honest as possible and you tend to find that if you connect to your own music like that, then you tend to be on to something because you know there has to be a level of trust about your own instincts and your own taste.

You'll find that if you feel excited about something, somebody else is probably going to be excited about it as well. The second thing is that I really trust my best friend and my partner and my family, so I always play my music to them.

That totally doesn't sound very honest. And I come from a very a sort of -- an artist background but I was in a very pop world, so I like bringing the two together. But since dating my boyfriend, who is a pure artist, we have massive arguments about what art is. He is very good at evaluating culture and I really love that about him, so when I would play him this record he would really critique it like he was writing a review. He would send me links to really obscure music that I had never heard of that had like hits on YouTube but it was really beautiful.

My family is very honest as well, especially my mother. I trust my instincts and I really respect the people around me who I play my music to who are very honest.

I just read a really powerful essay you wrote about the disappointing and troubling lack of black models in the fashion industry. There aren't a ton of black women making the kind of music that you're making right now and all of the comparisons I've read regarding this record have been to people like Annie Lennox and Kate bush and Bjork. I hear Grace Jones on there, too, but do you feel you are helping to pave the way for other black women in this genre? All those artists I do look up to, but I do feel -- I hope I'm creating a movement where black women can be whatever they want to be.

I want to express that as a black woman -- or as a woman, not just in music, but in business, in journalism, like when I wrote that piece, any way I can champion the idea of be who you want to be. I want to leave this earth with that mark. How do you respond to people who say that celebrities shouldn't get involved in political or social issues? Do you think artists should use their spotlight to champion social movements?

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