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Who Is Cydney Bernard Dating

who is cydney bernard dating

The Oscar winner married photographer Alexandra Cydnfy in April Reuters Alexandra Hedison may not be a household name, but a select few leading ladies in Hollywood already know her very well. News was the first to reveal the new couple Monday, a source confirming the famous talk show host's ex is definitely an item with the year-old, two-time Payment processor for dating site. According to Hedison's professional website, the year-old is a bicoastal, well-known photographer. While Hedison may differ from her love interests in who is cydney bernard dating she prefers who is cydney bernard dating primarily work berard the camera, she does have a few acting credits under her belt, according to her IMDB page. The duo was last seen together attending a technology seminar at Fox Studios in Los Angeles this summer. The rumored relationship comes almost five years after Foster split from whho girlfriend of 14 years, producer Cydney Bernard.

Jodie Foster Marries Girlfriend Alexandra Hedison | E! News

She is openly gay lesbian. She met Jodie Foster on the set of Sommersby in They become close since then. They were married for fourteen years but sadly got divorced in the year They have two children together and share the responsibility of them together. Both children were given birth by Jodie Foster.

After divorcing the ex-partner, Cydney has remained silent about her personal life. There is no detail information regarding her dating history and relationship affairs, thus as per reports, she is currently single.

Jodie Foster is currently married to Photographer Alexandra Hedison. As fans can only imagine, the connection between them must've been instantaneous. Same-Sex Love: From the time they began dating to the moment of their breakup, the former lovebirds were heads over heels for each other, prompting them to have two children: Charles 21 and Kit Although public, the pair never acknowledged their romance. It wasn't until - nearly five years after their split - that Jodie finally conceded.

Thanking Cydney during her Golden Globes acceptance speech, she labeled her co-parent "my ex-partner in love, but righteous soul sister in life.

She added that Mort was "very successful, and very keen to be in the public eye - quite a loud person, a show-off type".

Cindy Mort certainly appears to love media attention - which in the current circumstances may be a plus. A short while ago she penned a comment piece for one of America's stuffier publications about why seeing a penis on screen should be no more shocking than seeing a breast. Jodie with ex-girlfriend Cydney Bernard And while Jodie's old love Cydney was a slightly frumpy older woman, a weather-beaten blonde who had been content to ditch her career for the past 11 years to devote herself to Jodie and their boys, in her new lover Jodie has chosen a media- savvy powerhouse.

Her youthful Mediterranean looks strong brows, dark hair as shiny as a conker are the precise opposite of Cydney's wholesomeness. No one would accuse Cydney of being stylish - she favours plain jeans and preppy men's shirts - while Cindy cuts a dash in skinny black designer trousers and tight tops. People are astonished that Jodie has dumped her. Mid-life crisis?

Well, that would be one way to explain it. Some showbusiness observers have predicted that the dumped Cydney, who has been with Foster for 15 years, will come after her former partner for money and, perhaps, joint custody of the two children Charlie and Kit, whom they have raised.

That, though, is said by better placed sources to be "unlikely". The former couple have apparently already agreed to raise the boys together. Indeed, Cydney and Jodie are still living together while Jodie makes plans to move out. What a sad end for a romance which was, for many years, as happy as it was private. Speaking openly about it for the first time five months ago, Jodie Foster paid tribute to "beautiful Cydney, who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss". Their lesbian partnership seemed to be the very model of a modern same-sex pairing.

Jodie had the babies, which were conceived with the help of a sperm donor who is generally recognised to have been her friend Randy Stone, a gay film director.

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