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Who Is Mike Chang Dating

who is mike chang dating

Mike and Brittany sing, smile, high five and air guitar at one another during Hot Patootie. Special Mkie Edit Mike and Brittany share a look with one another in the choir room after Will announces his decision to feature them together for the upcoming Sectionals competition in order to highlight their dancing abilities. As they spend a lot of time together rehearsing, Mike's girlfriend Tina begins to believe that start up a dating website two ie having an affair and shares who is mike chang dating unfounded rumor with Artie who was dating Brittany at the time. The rumor turns out to be false. At the competition, Mike and Brittany perform a spectacular chahg dance number together to Santana's solo Valerie, helping New Directions secure their second consecutive victory. Before their victory is announced, Mike and Brittany are standing next to one another on stage along with the rest of New Directions and holding hands while awaiting for the announcement of which team had won the who is mike chang dating. After their win is announced, they can be seen in the background hugging one another.

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