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Who Is Tori Vega Dating In Victorious

who is tori vega dating in victorious

Career beginnings InJustice began her acting career when she was 10 years old, making a guest appearance on the Gilmore Girls episode "The Hobbit, the Sofa and Digger Stiles. That was a really great moment. InJustice made a guest appearance on an licenzji online dating of Everwood in the episode "Enjoy datint Ride. The film was met with negative reviews from critics. Zoey ended its run on May 2, Inshe announced plans to guest star on who is tori vega dating in victorious episode of Nickelodeon's series The Naked Brothers Band.

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How do I look? He has a contagious disease. So I guess it's just me and my little sister. I promised her that we would work at her house. I'll call Andre and Robbie to hang out with you. What can go wrong? Andre was at his grandmother's house. His grandma was saying weird things.

Andre's phone was ringing. What is it? I can't. I'm going to see Be I mean I have to do a project with Cat and I promised her that we'd work on the project at her house. I know. Please don't be mad. I'm not mad. I'm happy for you. I promise that I will pay you back. Twenty bucks. Andre hung up his phone. Then he go up. Then Tori called Robbie.

While Steven chats up some friends, Tori meets Carly and discovers his duplicity. Enraged at Steven, both girls get back at him by luring him into a closet, via Tori inviting him to their Day Kiss, where the two, along with Kenan, expose him as a cheater live on iCarly to "like a million people.

Prior to his deception being revealed, Tori seemed to be very much in love with him with all her friends having been very supportive of their relationship. Trivia According to Tori's blog: He has TWO zippers on his jacket pocket. Why isn't one zipper enough? Is he greedy? He never wants to watch iCarly with Tori -- which is weird because it's like everyone's favorite show and he watched it with her in iParty with Victorious.

His second toe is bigger than his first. Someone once said that's a sign of intelligence. She cheated on him with three other guys. He then cheated on her, and she blew a fuse and exposed his cheating online with millions of viewers, using iCarly. This is a gross double standard which must be made public.

Why is it okay for her to ruin his life publicly online, but she can cheat with three other guys with impunity? According to the official timeline, she got a boyfriend in roughly mid-July , named Stephen. The episode in question happens right before Fall Break, and contains the " Day Kiss".

This puts the start of their relationship in mid-July. He spent time between Los Angeles and Seattle every other month, according to the iCarly episode. In the month that he spent away, she cheated on him with three other guys. Tori accidentally spills coffee on Beck, and wipes it off of his shirt. Jade witnesses this, and becomes furious at Tori.

The two quarrel for some time, before Tori cheats in this argument and finds herself in a position that she can stage-kiss Jade's boyfriend, Beck, on stage. Blatant and unnecessary on stage kissing is not cheating, right?

Jade cannot do anything about this, as this is an in-class exercise. She has an angry look on her face, as the frenemy status begins between the two of them, but that is a blog post for another time It turns out that Tori still has feelings for him. Tori regrets ever dumping him Cat has a guy, finally

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